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Cornerstone by Misty Provencher

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Contemporary, Young Adult Romance
Rating: ★★★★☆

Social outcast among her peers at her high school, 17 year old Nalena Maxwell wants nothing more than to be normal. To not be named the Waste at school because her mother is a paper hoarder.
When one of the most popular boys at school begins paying attention to her she thinks it’s another joke on her expense. The popular boy, Garrett Reese, rescues her from an attacker and treats her with the respect and kindness that she is unused to. Her mother, on the other hand, is very wary of this boy yet treats him like he’s an old friend. This begins to open a closets filled with old skeletons and powerful secrets. Nalena learns she has a very important choice to make; one that could change her entire world.

What caught me first about this novel was the complexity of hoarding. This not only affects the hoarder but also the family. Once the kids at Nalena’s school had heard about her mother’s hoarding tendencies, she became their target, unfortunately.

When Nalena notices Garrett Reese is starting to pay attention to her, she is unsure if it’s a joke or if he was being truthful about knowing her. I actually enjoyed that she was naturally suspicious of him and his sudden interest in her. Although she was curious and enjoyed it a little, I would be a little apprehensive as well. It wasn’t one of those awkward “love at first sight” novels. It took some time to build.

I also enjoyed the supernatural race that was created. It explained her mother’s hoarding, Nalena’s developing skills and why Garrett and his family were trying to to get closer to her.

And I will be honest but this novel made me cry. 3 am, finishing the last couple of pages and the ending gets you right in the feels! Oh the tears. Made me go hug my Mama that day and tell her that I loved her.

I don’t have many complaints about this novel, except that I went to Kobo and bought the rest of the series, it was so good! Ha ha!

I look forward to reviewing the rest of this series. I can only hope it gets better!

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