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Broken Dolls by Tyrolin Puxty (Review Tour)


Cover Artist: Eugene Teplitsky

Genre(s): Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release­­: December 14, 2015
Pages: 175
My Rating: ★★★★★

“Ella doesn’t remember what it’s like to be human – after all, she’s lived as a doll for thirty years. She forgets what it’s like to taste, to breathe…to love.

She helps the professor create other dolls, but they don’t seem to hang around for long. His most recent creation is Lisa, a sly goth. Ella doesn’t like Lisa. How could she, when Lisa keeps trying to destroy her?

Ella likes the professor’s granddaughter though, even if she is dying. Gabby is like Ella’s personal bodyguard. It’s too bad the professor wants to turn Gabby into a doll too, depriving her of an education…depriving her of life.

With time running out and mad dolls on the rampage, Ella questions her very existence as she unearths the secrets buried in her past; secrets that will decide whether Gabby will befall the same fate…”

To say that I loved this book would be a bit of an understatement. I grew up watching Goosebumps, of course but as a Canadian I was also treated to “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”. This book reminded me a little of an episode from that called “Tale of the Dollmaker”. So honestly, this book holds a bit of a special place in my heart, because that television show was the start of my love for the different and the dark. It is everything I have enjoyed in my 30 years.

“Most people think dolls are just toys, but they’re really like perfect little people. Sometimes, they’re so life-like that its almost as if the dollmaker took a person and shrunk them down to doll size.” – Tale of the Dollmaker.
See the similarities?

This book totally kept my interest during my read of it. All the characters were well thought out and played their roles perfectly. Lisa was the best antagonist, questioning her and Ella’s existence and why they were in the attic. The Professor did a great job keeping his secrets, and to Ella he seemed so creepy after she began to question him about herself, Lisa and the Professor’s granddaughter Gabby. The twists, turns were the right added suspense to it; It was a thrill ride to read. Such creativity too!

I loved when Ella started to develop a bit of a sense of humour after really questioning her reason for being. She became more human because of that.

I so hope to read more from Tyrolin Puxty because I think the Professor’s doll making legacy is just at the beginning…

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About the Author: Tyrolin Puxty


I’m a Jack, or more accurately, a Tyrolin of all trades. In my 23 years, I have walked the red carpet for song
nominations, was awarded Australian of the Year in 2014 for Music and in 2015 for the Arts, worked as a qualified paralegal, appeared in TV Shows, hired for product photography, modelled, became a Justice of the Peace, started my own club for school children interested in the arts, worked for a successful magazine company, published a book, hugged a koala and had a show ride collapse on my head.

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Founded in 2011 by Eugene Teplitsky and Lisa Gus, CQ was initially a resource portal for writing and publishing, created in an effort to help writers, like themselves, survive the publishing industry. After rapid success, CQ morphed into publishing press that over time has solidified its share in the market. Now we spend our days searching for the next great escape!

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