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Because of You by RaShelle Workman (Review Tour)

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Because of YouCover Artist: The Cover Lure

Genre: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary-Romance
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release: January 18, 2016
Pages: 226 (ebook)
My Rating: ★★★★★

“There’s a first time for everything… and sometimes that means a first time at a second chance.

It’s been seven years since Maddie Martin’s parents died. Their killer wasn’t just a random stranger, but her best friends’ father. Kyle Hadley. The boy she’s been in love with since she was old enough to understand the emotion, the boy she promised all of her firsts to. Worst of all, Kyle’s father got away with it, and Maddie hasn’t seen Kyle since.

That changes on her first day of college. Seeing Kyle again brings back all of her childhood feelings of friendship and love for him, but it also brings back the anger, sorrow, and pain she’s been trying to bury because of his father.

Kyle Hadley has no idea why Maddie quit talking to him, especially when he needed her most. But he got over it, refusing to waste his life mourning the only girl he ever loved. There are too many women, too much of life to experience to bother thinking about Maddie. Except he does. And when he sees her again, he knows it.

But there are problems beyond Kyle and Maddie and their old feelings. The two of them are in danger and one or both might end up dead.”

**May Contain Spoilers**

Maddie, having found her parents dead and spending the next seven years believing that her best friend Kyle’s father was responsible, is trying to assume a normal life, attending college with a scholarship and enjoy her music.

Kyle tried to move on after Maddie was whisked away by her Aunt and Uncle and had stopped talking to him. He threw himself into his music as his escape and began to enjoy life. That is until he see’s Maddie again and knows that he never stopped loving her.

At first, it seemed like Kyle was going to be the giant jerk that the college rumours had portrayed.
Maddie, being sheltered and naive about the world, is slow to trust Kyle. Although he does win her trust eventually and they begin to explore their renewed feelings.

I also enjoyed that Maddie had found friendship in her roommate. I think, despite having her family and therapist, that she was quite lonely. I think it was also good for Gina, who at first seemed quite wild and free in her affections.

It seems that I was craving a good love story and I am glad to have read this one. Ms. Workman is a wonderful story weaver.
I did feel more for Kyle as he was completely unaware of why Maddie had stopped talking to him. He held on to the hope she would talk to him again for such a long time. All that pain and he suffered in silence, essentially.
I truly enjoy the early connection of young Maddie and young Kyle. It showed how much Kyle valued his friendship with Maddie and how much of a safe haven Maddie was for the young boy.

For them to survive their past resurfacing, together and get through it still. It does give hope to the world for second chances!

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Meet the Author: 

RaShelle Workman

RaShelle Workman is the author of the popular Blood and Snow series. She loves to reinvent fairy tales readers can sink their teeth into. Her stories include vampires, werewolves, witches, aliens, and creatures of her own creation. Her books: Sleeping Roses, Exiled, Beguiled, and Dovetailed have foreign rights contracts with a Turkish publisher. RaShelle is also one of the co-founders of IndiePUBCon. Currently, she lives in Utah with her husband, three children, and their three dogs.

Visit http://www.rashelleworkman.com to join RaShelle’s EXCLUSIVE mailing list and be entered to win a signed paperback copy of Blood and Snow volumes 1-4 (Special Edition). And be sure to like her Facebook page for all the latest news: Facebook

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