About Me

About Me

I wanted to write a bit of a post to introduce myself and give authors and my readers a better idea of who I am. Now that I’ve displayed some of my book choices.

So let me start off right with a picture:

12243435_10153162776121053_356207413569742245_n Hi, I’m Leticia (pronounced Le-tish-ah). I really need to use my camera more and my cell phone camera less, ha!

I’m 30 years old and live in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada. I’m originally from Stratford, Ontario Canada. Yes, where Justin Bieber is from. Stratford is an extremely artistic area, especially because of the Shakespearean Festival.

I was raised by a Jack of All Trades mother and a store manager by day, musician by night father. Creativity flows deeply through these veins.

When I was in grade 4, my new teacher made a rather shocking discovery: I could not read. It had taken that long for someone to care; I’m sure they noticed.
My mother and my teacher worked hard and by grade 5, I was reading at a grade 3 level. By grade 7, I was reading at a university level. My teacher and I are still friends to this day and she still calls me her Little Light Bulb. She said one day, it clicked and I lit up like a light bulb, excited to be able to read more and more.
However, school was incredibly difficult for me. I was diagnosed with learning disabilities plus panic disorder and social phobia. I struggled constantly through out school between horrible teachers and being confined to the box they put me in, I eventually dropped out of high school.

I started working on my education in 2007, two years after dropping out. It’s been a slow ride doing that. But I feel I am better for it, that my education so far means more than when I was in school.
But by 2008, I was struggling. I started to refuse to go out and barely left my bedroom. I was depressed and having horrible anxiety constantly. By 2009, I was diagnosed as severely agoraphobic with panic disorder, social phobia, depression and excessive worrying.
Thus I turned to reading as my coping mechanism. Getting lost in a book helped me to manage and it encouraged me to get out, by walking to the library once every three weeks.

Agoraphobia is the fear of being outside of your comfort zone. It literally means being afraid of open spaces and public places but I’m not really uncomfortable with open spaces, ha ha.
At 30, I cope bit by bit but I don’t really go out much. I do my bi-weekly shopping, sometimes go out with people who are comfortable and understand what I am dealing with and aren’t afraid to give me the keys so I can escape to the comfort of a car.

In 2010, I met like-minded people by searching an agoraphobia support group on Facebook. That was, to this day, the best thing I had done for myself. I met some really lovely people, some who will be lifelong friends because of it.
In 2014, after helping and being an admin in another group, I struck out on my own with a few friends from that same group. We formed our own support group, using our ideals and working with what we knew worked for us.
Freedom from Agoraphobia and Monophobia (if you struggle with agoraphobia or monophobia, you’re welcome to join us. There is no judgement and it’s a safe haven) is my other passion. I love helping people. I also run a Facebook page dedicated to mental health Musings of an Agoraphobic

I also enjoy playing my favourite video games: Guild Wars 2, The Sims 3, Mass Effect and Killing Floor. I love zombies and zombie related stuff. I chew gum when I’m anxious. I like Charmed Aroma candles. I have two dogs who are my loves of my life. I live with a cat I can’t really pet, but spoil with tuna. I am very close with my family and friends. I love to write as well. I enjoy making candy and baking. I am also a mediocre painter.

Yup, that about covers it. 🙂


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