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Keep Your Enemies Close by H.S. Stone


Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Self-Published
Date of Release: January 1, 2014
Pages and Format: 282, eBook
My Rating:
4 Stars

“First, the probes arrived. Then the mother ship landed. Then Lia’s world changed forever. With the alien invaders’ arrival, Lia and her best friend, Bryn, sign up for military duty to protect their town. When the aliens attack, however, Lia and her comrades are helpless to stop them. Worse, after the attack, she discovers that several of the townspeople, including her family, were abducted. Despite Lia’s pleading, no one wants to save those taken by the aliens. Desperate to rescue her parents and her little sister, Lia turns to the only source of help she can find… a captured alien invader.”

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This…this book was a total and pleasant surprise.
The twist was so early on, it was perfect. It kept me coming back for more. But I am going to remain as vague as possible because I want you, reader, to find out the twist yourself!

Lia joined the military to protect her family from the alien invaders. Her best friend Bryn has done the same. Together with their people, they try to push back the alien invaders. When one of their squads captures an alien and brings it to their base, the alien’s fate is sure to be horrible. Except, this alien knows where Lia’s family is being kept on the mothership, which makes the alien very valuable to her. Lia and Bryn go on a rescue mission with an alien who wants nothing more than to be rid of his “alien’s”.

H.S. Stone has managed to take a science fiction topic and make it his own. He draws you in with the terrifying world of alien invasions. I would liken it to the television shows: V, Defiance and Falling Skies. For me, that’s a massive plus because I love those shows. It’s not as dark as the content of the shows, but it’s still very much a good read.

I do hope there is more to Lia, Bryn and the alien invader, because the ending left me wondering!

So go on, and read it! I recommend this totally!

Meet the Author:
Even before he could read, H.S. Stone wanted to write a book. Fascinated by the stories that seemed to leap from his kindergarten teacher’s books, he went home and wrote his own book, with illustrations and bound by staples. Of course, since he didn’t know how to read or write yet, the book was full of gibberish.

Undaunted, H.S. eventually mastered the ABC’s and continued to write throughout his grade school years, adolescence, and into adulthood. Despite earning a degree and working in a field not related to writing, he continued to pursue his writing passion.

H.S. Stone’s publications include novels aimed at Young Adult and Middle Grade readers as well as several short stories. He currently lives with his family in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Where to Buy:
Amazon US
Amazon CAN
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble

**Thank you to the author for allowing me to read and review this novel!**



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