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Short and Sweet Sunday Review: The Forest by Justin Groot


Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Self-Published
Date of Release: November 25, 2015
Pages and Format: 158 pages, ePub
My Rating: 2 Stars

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

On an Earth with titanic forests instead of oceans, highly-trained rangers brave the depths to bring back footage of treacherous landscapes and ferocious beasts. It’s a dangerous job, but it has its moments: when a trio of ranger recruits stumble across a strange artifact, they begin to unravel a mystery with planet-spanning ramifications. The only problem is, if they’re going to uncover the truth, they have to survive the worst the forest can throw at them first.

This story has such great potential but it unfortunately fell flat for me. It needs some refinement, such as world building and some major character development.

One would assume that the containment of these monstrous creatures would be the forefront. Animals migrate. As our fossils and current animal migrations, they go where food and water are. I cannot see these animals and insects being part of these forests where oceans once resided. The other issue is that these creatures see us humans as food, we’re significantly smaller than them. We’re dessert on a good day.

Some of the lack of world building would be the jarring references to modern day conveniences like Google and Tinder. One would think that these forests would mean that the history and legends, myths of that Earth would be far different. Humans explored constantly throughout history, I would think some of that forest was part of the history.

It’s really too bad there was little work done on this because seriously, that’s an awesome story idea!

I know I’d never be able to be a ranger. I faint at the sight of small centipedes now, I can’t imagine them as two or three times the size of me. No thanks. Nuh uh.

Good on Justin for trying. I just hope a bit more effort is put into future novels.

Where to Buy:

 Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Indie Bound | Kobo | Book Depository | Barnes and Noble | Chapters/Indigo

Meet the Author:

justin_tidehunterJustin Groot is a strategy consultant and aspiring author living in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Emory University in May 2014 with a double major in International Studies and German. Someday, if everything goes according to plan, he’s going to write full-time.


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