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Short and Sweet Sunday Review: Rebirth of the Gangster by CJ Standal


Rebirth of the Gangster

Genre: Comic, Crime
Publisher: CJ Standal Productions
Date of Release: March 22, 2016
Pages and Format: 24 pages; PDF
My Rating: 4 StarsI received this comic from the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Rebirth of the Gangster is a black-and-white comic exploring the moral challenges of a young inner-city prosecutor torn between crime, the law, and family tradition.

Marcus Thompson is this young prosecutor, an African-American son of rich parents. Hunter Anderson is a poor, white man, son of a dying mom and dead dad. They both get sucked into a life of crime as they struggle with family legacies and a murder as old as themselves. And to make matters worse, Detective Lorena Sanchez is on the case trying to bring them down!”

Normally, I don’t review comics but this was a nice and rather surprising step outside my regular read. This was awesome. What a great start!
The flashbacks work into the current story perfectly. The story for the comic hooked me in, line and sinker, quite quickly. The ending left me wanting to know more. I am interested, for sure, to see where Marcus goes from here.
I also enjoyed the graphics, they’re beautifully drawn and life-like.

Where to Buy:
Selz | Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes and Noble

Meet the Author:

 I love writing in all sorts of playgrounds:Rebirth of the Gangsters  is my first comic book, and I’ve been published bySlant magazine: https://www.slantnews.com/user/cj.standal

You can also find me on Philip Smith’s site promoting indie authors:

I’m also a high school English teacher: next year I’ll be teaching a graphic novel course; in the past I’ve taught a hip hop course; and I educate the youth about other valuable things, like Shakespeare.


Website | Twitter | Facebook

I’d also like to add that the author has a launched a Kickstarter to help fund the second issue of Rebirth of the Gangster. You can find it here.


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