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Rumination Sunday/Update

Rumination Sunday

This is kind of a rumination slash update. This week, I had to put a notice of not accepting any more review requests.

I wanted to explain a little of what is going on in my life and why I had to put a notice up.

First: I have 100 books to read and review. I checked the other day and was like whoa dude, slow down! Not to mention the 20 requests still waiting for an answer in my inbox.
Soooo many books, not enough day light!


Second: I’m in the midst of trying to move home. I currently live two hours from my family and finding an apartment is tough, to say the least. Between people being discriminatory or changing their price of their apartments constantly, it’s been tough. I just got home from visiting my mom for three weeks trying to view apartments.

Third but not the least: my uncle is really ill. I’m trying to move home because of  that, and because I am so not a big city girl. Gimme a small city, any day of the week.
My mom will drive herself insane trying to do everything for my uncle and my uncle will be stubborn, and they’ll butt heads. I know I’ll be needed to take some of the weight off my mom. And I miss my bestie, terribly!

I am sorry for those who are still awaiting book reviews. Or that I haven’t replied to yet. I do see you, and you’re in my mind. I’ll get to your books whenever I can.

 Happy Mother’s Day Readers


I hope all my readers who are Mama’s, Mama’s to be, Dad’s who are the Mama and Grandparents who are Mama as well and Fur-Mama’s are having a wonderful day. ❤

Have a great Sunday! ❤

One thought on “Rumination Sunday/Update

  1. I’m a feather-Mama and I hope you find an amazing new apartment soon. Also, totally understand your struggle about the pending book reviews. We’ve got around 50 and now we are being very choosy when it comes to selecting book for reviews.


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