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Best of the Bunch


Hey Readers, last month I totally forgot to do this! So I have two months of Books to give awards to!

April 2016

In April, I read 7 books. Of the 7, I reviewed 6 books! Whew. Two of those books had specific dates when they had to be out and I had to keep planning around them, haha.

Here are my Books that I read and/or reviewed. The winner will be below.
Sins of the Father by Jamie Canosa – review
After: The Shock by Scott Nicholson – read
Rebirth of the Gangster by CJ Standal – review
Hood by Evan Pickering – review
Deadgirl: Ghostlight by B.C. Johnson – arc review
Mer-Charmer by Amy Bearce – arc review
From a Killer’s Mind by Jason Helford – review

Each of these books had some great qualities and some not so great qualities however the book that held my interest and won my heart in April was:

Sins of the Father by Jamie Canosa

Best of the Bunch Award for April!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good romantic story with serious twists. Check out my review above.

May 2016

In this past month, again I read 7 books. Out of those 7, I have reviewed 5. Thankfully, no rush on these books. This was actually the month of really fun story lines! Be sure to check out my reviews.

Cracked But Never Broken by K.L. Holloway – review
Out of Body by Christopher John Chater – review
Blame the Goth Girl Volume 1: In the Beginning There Was Bauhaus by Bettina Busiello – review
Secret Vampire by L.J. Smith – read
The Scorch Trials by James Dashner – read (why I keep torturing myself and reading these books, I will never know; however, this time the book was WAY better than the movie!)
Manic Monday by Dennis Liggio – review
Pale Highway by Nicholas Conley – review

This month, the book that made me laugh the most and made reading it enjoyable is:

Manic Monday by Dennis Liggio

Best of the Bunch Award for May!

Mad scientists? Crazed Maniacs with ego’s the size of an entire city? Murder bots? Oh my! Check out the review and pick up the book today. I definitely recommend this to any sci-fi fan for sure.


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