Spotlight Interview

Spotlight Interview with Author Jessica Hernandez


Hi Readers!

I have a wonderful interview with another great author Jessica Hernandez and her novel Capering on Glass Bridges. Enjoy!

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I was born and raised in the beautifully sunny state of Florida. I attended the University of Miami, where I spent more time than I care to admit daydreaming of a faraway land called Acu. Upon graduating with a degree in English and Political Science in 2014, I put pen to paper and brought Acu to life—so resulted “Capering on Glass Bridges.” Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I love going to theme parks (#UniversalOrlandoAnnualPassholder).
  • I am a compulsive ice-chewer.
  • I am addicted to chocolate.
  • Favorite outfit: my pajamas.
  • Favorite color: blue.
  • Favorite animal: horse.
  • Playing “Dance Dance Revolution” on my Wii is the closest that I’ll ever get to dancing (#NoRhythm).

cogb2. What inspired you to write?

“Capering on Glass Bridges” was born from an idea that I had while in high school. Over the succeeding years, I developed this idea considerably, and I often spoke with my mother about the fantastical world that I sheltered in my mind. It was she who encouraged me to write about it. As the end of my final semester in college approached, I made the decision to do as she suggested; I told myself that, upon graduation, I would finally pen the novel that had been floating about in my head for ages.

3. What is the genre?

Fantasy. (Elements characteristic of an adventure novel are also woven into the narrative.)

4. What draws you to this genre?

I love the amount of creative freedom afforded to writers; arguably, just about anything—and everything—goes.

5. How did you develop your plot and your characters?

As far as plot development is concerned, I found outlining to be extremely helpful. In my opinion, the outline has a function akin to that of a compass; it helps one better understand the different directions a story can be taken in. My outlines, however, are rather skeletal. That is, I make sure to leave sufficient room so as to allow certain aspects of the plot to evolve as the story progresses. As for character development, before I began writing I spent a considerable amount of time acquainting myself with the principal cast. The first thing I did was draft their background stories. This, in turn, helped me better understand their individual thoughts, attitudes, personalities, mannerisms, and whatnot. It also enabled me to predict the sort of inter-character relationships that would develop. Hence—right off the bat—I had a pretty good idea of which characters would get along and which were sure to clash.

6. What inspired your protagonist?

When I started outlining my novel, I knew two things:

  1. I wanted a female lead.
  2. I didn’t want a dainty damsel in distress at the helm. My lead needed to be both strong and confident. (I suppose the words “strength” and “confidence” were my main sources of inspiration in creating Kaia Stone.)

7. How did you get in touch with your inner villain?

None of my villains are bad for the sake of being bad. They are all motivated by something—be it desire, fear, hatred, or the like. Understanding what my antagonists wanted—as well as why they wanted it—was extremely helpful in both bringing them to life and tapping into my inner villain.

8. What was the hardest part to write in the book?

Hmm. I’m having trouble identifying any particularly difficult chapter(s) to write. The editing process, on the other hand…I still have nightmares about that.

9. What was your favourite part of your book to write?

The sections dealing with the mythology of Acu—the world in which “Capering on Glass Bridges” is set—were an absolute delight to write. They allowed me to explore—albeit briefly—some of the customs in Acu as well as how the world itself came into being.

JH10. Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you do besides write?

Part-time. Since I’m preparing to return to school, I am unable to write full-time at the moment.

11. What are you currently reading?

Nothing. (Unfortunately, editing my second novel has taken up nearly all of my spare time.) There are quite a few books on my to-be-read shelf, though. Here’s a sampling: Mansfield Park, Hollow City, Gulliver’s Travels, and The Woman in White.

12. Who would you say are your favourite authors?

Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and Ransom Riggs.

13. How about your favourite books? What would be your top 5?

In no particular order, I’d have to say: Emma, Anna Karenina, Crime and Punishment, The Magician’s Nephew, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

14. What are your future projects, if any?

I am currently working on the sequel to “Capering on Glass Bridges.” I anticipate that it will be released later this year. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can tell you that this second novel explores what happens in the Kingdom of Mar after the truth regarding the curse is revealed. It also looks at how Kaia Stone is affected by the rather shocking information that she learns at the conclusion of “Capering on Glass Bridges.”

15. What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and your books?

Most of the time, I can be found hanging out on my blogs. I have two. “Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar” is where I conduct author interviews. “Jess the Storyteller” is my personal blog; it’s where I talk about the art of writing, my projects, my latest doings, and the like. I also have a Twitter—I’ll admit, though, I’m not very active on it, but maybe that’ll change one day—and I just recently joined Instagram! Yay! 😀

16. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

  1. Keep writing. Practice makes for improvement.
  2. Read—a lot. Learn from other authors. Study how they construct their stories, how they control and manipulate pacing, and how they structure their sentences. This will help you in your own writing.

“Capering on Glass Bridges” is available on these sites for free:
Smashwords | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Thank you to the author for giving me the chance to interview her.
If you are looking for a new fantasy adventure novel, please check out Jessica Hernandez and her novel Capering on Glass Bridges! 

Have a great day!





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