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Tame Me by J.L. Leslie

Short and Sweet

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Date of Release: February 8, 2016
Pages and Format: 169 pages; mobi format
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My Rating: 

4.5 Stars

4 Stars


“Wren Davis has always been the responsible one. The caretaker. She’s always put her life on hold for others. When she takes a job as Stellan Zane’s housekeeper, she does it to take care of her sister. Her own life can wait. Only she wasn’t expecting to find him so irresistible…

Stellan Zane is used to getting what he wants, when he wants. No woman gets to him. No woman really knows about him or his past. When he lets his little sister hire him a housekeeper, Wren Davis is not what he was expecting. And she’s his employee. Yet, she’s what he wants…

Unable to fight their attraction, the two embark on a relationship that’s supposed to be uncomplicated. Allowing Wren to have the carefree life she’s never had and Stellan to enjoy the type of relationship he always gets. But when exes interfere, the unexpected happens and things become complicated, can Wren tame Stellan…and will he allow her to?”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The story is: Sister (Lennon) plots against overbearing, overly protective brother (Stellan) by hiring a young and pretty woman (Wren) to cook and clean for him. Easy enough job, especially as it is one man making a mess.
Both are attracted to each other even though they try to stay away. Eventually, Wren worms her way under Stellan’s skin and into his heart.

Holy steamy sex scenes batman! Whoa!
There is a lot of adult content in this, especially swearing and descriptive sex scenes.
I read this while laying down with a migraine and it was well worth the read.

So, how can I get paid $70K a year to clean a house and cook for one handsome man, and end up getting the guy in the end too? Ha ha.

Stellan was a bit of an asshole at first, but as some of his past was revealed, it is any wonder how he and his siblings aren’t more closed off from life.

I definitely had some serious feels for this book, especially when Wren had to deal with her sister’s illness. I cried my heart out for Wren; such a terrible ordeal to have to deal with. Oh the feels! The feels!


For a stand alone novel in a series, this was well written and having read the series now, it is my favourite book out of the three Zane series. The author had a good story to tell here.
(More reviews from the series to come.)

I recommend this to those enjoy a good romance story.

Where to Buy: 
Amazon CAN | Amazon US

About the Author: 

J.L. Leslie: I am from a small town in Alabama and I’m happily married with three kids. I love living a small town life because it allows me the time to do what I love…read and write! I have just started self-publishing and Demons From My Past is my first book. I am currently working on a series and have just released the first book in that series, Tame Me. The second book should be available in March.


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