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Tease Me by J.L. Leslie

Short and Sweet

Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self-published
Date of Release: March 30, 2016
Pages and Format: 170 pages; mobi
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My Rating: 
4 Stars

“Lennon Zane has never been one to shy away from men. A fact that her two older brothers despise. But ever since her tragic childhood spent in a foster home was exposed to the media, she’s sworn off dating for a while. Until she meets him…

Swift Cole is not the type of man Lennon normally dates. He doesn’t wear a suit and tie. He’s not clean-cut. He’s a construction worker with tattoos and he plays the drums in a band. But she can’t deny she’s attracted to him…

Lennon is under scrutiny from everyone. Her brothers. Her company. The media. She wants something just for her. Better yet, someone just for her. No one needs to know. And she knows who she wants…

But will Swift agree to her rules or will he want more than she’s willing to offer? Can she abide by her own rules? Or will she break them?”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

This is the third and final instalment of the Zane series, involving the sister Lennon. She falls for the least likely type, at least for her. Not that clean-cut, suit and tie type. It’s perfect.

Lennon is the ultimate tease. Swift has balls of steel for agree to and uphold the rules that Lennon puts in place for their relationship to progress. Granted, Swift isn’t the type that the public nor Lennon’s brothers would want for her. He, is, after all a tattooed drummer who is also a construction worker on a site that is Lennon’s project for work.

Eventually they cave and say eff the rules that Lennon sets. Takes a bit but well worth it.

My greatest issue with this book was the grammar. Whoever proofread the book needs to go back and proofread again. The grammatical mistakes did take away from the story a bit. I noticed the grammar was slipping in Tempt Me, but Tease Me needs some TLC in the grammar department. It’s worth those changes.

But other wise, this was a great “opposites attract” story!

Where to Buy:
Amazon CAN | Amazon US

About the Author:

J.L. Leslie: I am from a small town in Alabama and I’m happily married with three kids. I love living a small town life because it allows me the time to do what I love…read and write! I have just started self-publishing and Demons From My Past is my first book.


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