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The Álfaerën Legacy by Marc Jacobs

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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: Self-published
Date of Release: January 28, 2016
Pages: 401 pages
Format: Mobi
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My Rating:
4 Stars

“There are some places in Teynia none were meant to go, hiding secrets none were meant to find. But one morning, sisters Kali and Kilyn Middlethird stumbled upon such a place, and uncovered such a secret. They stood before an enchanted Gate left behind by the Álfaerëns long ago to imprison the Spirit, an evil capable of destroying all of Teynia. If only someone had told the Middlethirds about the Gate, they might not have opened it. Now, Teynia’s fate hinged on the Middlethirds, aided by Ice and the wizard Marac, surviving long enough to find the legendary Portal of Worlds, and the lost descendants of an ancient hero hidden somewhere within the Portal. To save their world, they would have to leave it. Their journey would lead them to Earth, where they would have to decipher age-old clues to find what they were looking for. But if Pennsylvania high school senior, Alexandra Castellano, failed to unravel a thousand year old mystery of her own, buried deep within her family name itself, Teynia would be lost to the Spirit, and Earth was next. And none of them would ever find out who they really were…”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Oh my!

I was really thrilled to be reading a book featuring two sisters who go on a grand adventure to save their world from the forces of evil. It kind of reminded me of The Hobbit a bit, which is not a bad thing at all.

Kali and Kilyn Middlethird are orphans of Deben and live in the trees with other orphans. When they are chosen to go on a journey to bring back herbs for the tree dwellers, they’re thrilled. On the way back, they’re forced to seek shelter after a freak storm crashed above them. In doing so, they followed fresh air to try to get out. Instead, they happened upon a long forgotten secret and snatched what they assumed was a valuable rock they could sell at the markets.
In grabbing said rock, they open a locked Gate and release an evil they had been lurking for thousands of years.
This spurs the girls and their newfound friends (and ultimately family) to go on a journey of a life time to save their world.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Alexandra or Aly as she prefers, is set to the task to researching her family by her teacher. Man, I wish I could have done that in school. Anyhow, as she embarks on her own journey, she finds flaws in her family’s past. Flaws that bring up more questions than answers.

Long story short, Aly and Kali, Kilyn and Ice (Kali and Kilyn’s uncle) are long lost relatives from different planets. They manage to get together using magic portals and battle shadow minions and even meet a nice alien.

The sci-fi part threw me for a loop but it was interesting nonetheless.

The story, it has a few flaws like information overload in some spots and in other spots, I felt like some of the lore of Teynia wasn’t explained enough.
I would love to know more about the dragons and why they were in hiding. What each dragon represents to the lore.

But either way, I enjoyed the story. It was interesting and complex. Each character filled their spot easily and they all had their own shot at learning something about themselves, whether that was a strength or a weakness.

I recommend this story, especially for young adult. It’s a great and wholesome story with magic and grumpy dragons! Nothing like a good ol’ battle of Good versus Evil.

Where to Buy:
Amazon CAN Amazon US

About the Author: 

Where Do I Live: I live in Los Angeles, CA with my wife, two daughters and three cats.  The cats run the house.

What Do I Do When I am Not Writing:  I am a full time attorney and partner at a national law firm based in Los Angeles.  In that sense, I am writing all the time.

What Do I Do For Fun:  When I am not spending time with my family, I like to draw cartoons.  I am actually a regularly published cartoonist, with my legal cartoons and sports cartoons having been published in more than 50 magazines, newspapers and publications nationally and internationally over the last 10 years.  This includes greeting and holiday cards too.  I find that humor drawn from the world around us is a great segue from the adversarial nature of dispute resolution that occupies my time every day; plus, lawyers provide the best material for cartoons.

Why Do I like to write Fantasy:  I believe fantasy and science fiction novels and films offer great food for one’s imagination, keep people dreaming, and believing in a greater world of possibilities.  I have enjoyed fantasy and science fiction my entire life, and have always found inspiration in those genres.



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