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Werewolves of Chicago: Howard by Faleena Hopkins

Short and Sweet

Genre: Supernatural Romance, Paranormal Fantasy
Publisher: Hop Hop Publications
Date of Release: March 27, 2016
Pages: 248 pages
Format: Mobi
Links: Author WebsiteFacebookGood Reads,





My Rating: 

5 Stars

“Curragh, Xavier and Draik made me prove myself. And I changed into something extraordinary.

The strength and speed.
The night vision.
Hearing through walls and even into heartbeats.

All this is new. Strange. FANTASTIC.

Because I’m about to meet HER. The blue-haired girl. Around her, I act totally out of character. I would never hurt her, but HE might. Not every wolf gets a cool name. Not until they’ve earned it.”

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I don’t know what it is, but nerdy guys gets this girl’s blood flowing. Might be because I’m a nerd myself. Drawn to the similar types. Howard is definitely attractive for his nerdy ways and his extremely awkward being. I was drawn to Howard in Curragh’s story, despite his wolfy-ness, he is endearing and sweet.

After Xavier and Draik take Howard to a club to break his virginity (yeah seriously, haha), Howard meets and locks eyes with her. Yep, the saucy “if you’re looking to get laid, you’re looking at the wrong person” blue haired girl named Alisa. He is inexplicably drawn to her as much as she is to him. Low and behold, they’re mates. Now that is love at first sight. Haha.

The story was getting really good and then it ended. That made me sad. I needed more pages to turn!!!

The only thing that bugged me was…really? That name? Why not Howie or Ward? Without ruining it for everyone, Howard’s new name makes me think of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (thank you Supernatural and Charmed.)

Despite that, this was a great story. The character development was perfect. Howard just got better. Alisa was the perfect girl for him.
I look forward to reading Xavier and Draik’s stories further. Draik seems like another tough, elusive soul mate type, so that will be interesting.

Where to Buy:

Amazon CAN Amazon US | IndieBound | Barnes and Noble

About the Author:

 Not the most attentive of cooks, I burn toast…and hard-boiled eggs. Yes, it can be done. They make a cool and startling CRACK when the water evaporates and you’re in the other room writing a novel. I write about love, redemption, and often both deliciously entwined.

I believe sex is a part of life. So is drama. Pain. Love. Aching to find that special someone. Taking the leap of faith when you actually do – even if it means getting crushed. Because sometimes…you will be caught when you fall. Life is a grand experiment. A game. And I kinda believe wolves and vampires are real. I’ve certainly met a few zombies and demons. Some of my stories have supernatural things – some just don’t. But they’re all fun as hell.

I’m not only an author. Are you just one thing? Hell no. Check out my acting and filmmaking stuff by copy/pasting this: http://imdb.me/faleenahopkins

Come join the fun on FB where I post hot pics of men. Seriously. It’s kinda my thing.http://facebook.com/authorfaleenahopkins


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