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Niko by Kayti Nika Raet

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Science Fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy
Publisher: Smashwords
Date of Release: April 29, 2013
Pages: 205 pages
Format: Mobi
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My Rating:
5 Stars


“One can live for several weeks without food but only a few days without water, a fact seventeen year old Niko is only too aware of as she struggles to provide for her two younger brothers in a post apocalyptic landscape where the rain burns like acid, food grows increasingly scarce and any Slither that crosses her path is laid low before it can sink its teeth into her.

Then one night everything she’d ever worked for and loved is consumed by a raging fire, leaving her with one brother missing, the other dead and herself gravely injured.

She’s rescued by the Rose Circle, a rogue group of Slither hunters. They sneak her into Amaryllis City, a decadent metropolis where those able to pay the exorbitant entrance fee live a life of relative ease.

But for Niko, Amaryllis City is not the haven she grew up believing it would be and her unique abilities as a Slither hunter make her a particularly visible target to a city with hopes of experimentation, replication and other nasty bits.

All Niko ever wanted to do was find her baby brother, but that’s proving to be harder than expected.”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This book was…awesome!

I was absolutely riveted by the entire book, from the first page until the end.

A fire devastates Niko’s house while she is out scavenging for food and fighting the creatures that plague her world called Slithers. When Niko arrives on the scene, her neighbours are looking around but not helping. She dives in to rescue her brother’s but can’t find them and soon the smoke inhalation overtakes her.

She wakes up, in a tank of water.
One brother is dead but Niko is pretty sure that the other brother, Jared, is missing and she is determined to get to him.
But she’s in the infamous Amaryllis City, the haven and is surrounded by the Rose Circle. A small group of young adults who can do what others can’t: kill Slithers.

Niko is a unique specimen as she manifested earlier than any of the other Circle group’s in the city. Niko is also incredibly bad ass. She doesn’t take crap from anyone and is fiercely loyal to her family.

The world building in this was phenomenal. Next to the Slither’s, the one thing that was killing people outside of the gates of Amaryllis City is not having fresh water to drink as the water that falls from the sky is acid.

The downside to Amaryllis City is that they keep their Slither killers quite close to them as much as possible while the Outsider’s suffer from regular attacks, dwindling food supplies and a lack of fresh water. Niko just wants out so she can rescue her brother, but it is proving to be a difficult task.

I’m going to assume, but the Slither’s in this story seem like a mutated form of zombie, which is an entirely new take on zombies if so.

I absolutely recommend this book to my fellow dystopian lovers. This is a really great book with a strong heroine, great minor characters, terrifying beasts and a world out to get everyone.

Where to Buy: 

Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Smashwords

About the Author: 

KNROriginally from Brooklyn, New York, Kayti Nika Raet moved down South when she was 11, where she was bitten by the writing bug, as well as other, less friendly insects.
She is the author of the Outsider Chronicles, a five book series starting with NIKO and set in a world where the rain burns like acid and flesh eating monsters roam.
She’s also a reviewer for Readers’ Favorite and has her own Youtube Channel: Kayti Edition.
When she is not hard at work on her fourth book she has fun reading, listening to K-pop, and photography.
Kayti lives in Milledgeville, Georgia.


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