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Dark Mind by Matthew Goldstein

Short and Sweet
Young Adult, Science Fiction, Supernatural Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Troy Book Makers
Date of Release: June 13, 2013
Pages: 288 pages
Format: ePub
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My Rating:

3.85 Stars
3 Stars


“What if you heard voices in your head? What if they were real?

Cole has the power to prevent tragedy. To use it, he must listen to the mysterious voices in his head. He’s lived with this ability in secret his entire life until one day he notices a boy watching him. Stalking him. What are this boy’s intentions? How are the two of them connected? Is it possible that Cole isn’t the only one who hears these voices?”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was a good story and it kept me interested. I kept waiting to see if the ball would drop, because it had this awesome build up. I just knew something science fiction-y would drop out of the story eventually.

However, I did struggle with some aspects of the book. Sometimes the voice of the novel seemed to be directed at a bit of a younger audience and not teenagers. My jaw dropped when Cole and Amy said they were fourteen. I would have thought younger, like eleven. Cole’s responses were mature but his behaviour was young. Some of that might have been how sheltered he was from his mother. She treated him like he was much, much younger than 14. Man, sneaking out at 14 is a typical teen past time. Calling the cops on them because they snuck out, not so much. It was a little excessive in her obsessive need to protect him. Heck, when I was 14, I was babysitting overnight.
His aunt, though. She was incredibly selfish and aloof. It was so strange how she behaved around Cole and talked to him.

It also felt like there were three different stories going on in the novel. From the summary, you’d think that it’d be a focus on Cole and his abilities but once Amy and her struggles were added in, it veered away from that. It focused a lot on Amy, no longer about Cole. Also, who is this Brent guy with Dr. Stern? I kept waiting to find out more about Cole’s abilities and waiting for it to turn in into an episode of Fringe or The X-Files with creepy kids and their creepy abilities.

Either way, it was a good story. Don’t get me wrong. I just feel the voice of the novel needed to take on a more teenage voice, and the direction of the story to stay on point.

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About the Author: 

MG Matthew Goldstein has been writing novels since he was a teenager, and won first place in his college’s short story competition. He worked for seven years as a Game Designer at 1st Playable Productions where his tasks included writing for video games. He recently completed Voices in the Night, the third book in The Dark Mind Trilogy, which was released in August 2015. He received his degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In his spare time, he loves to play drums and compose music. He lives in Pennsylvania.


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