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Rebirth of the Gangster by CJ Standal and Juan Romera (Issue 3)

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Comic, Crime
Publisher: CJ Standal Productions
Date of Release: September 7, 2016
Pages: 24 pages
Format: PDF
Links: WebsiteFacebookTwitterBlog







My Rating: 
4.85 Stars
4 Stars

“Detective Lorena Sanchez is very good at her job, almost too good. She has no time in her life for anything or anyone else, including her girlfriend who wants her to pay less attention to the crime spreading through the city. But Lorena isn’t going to get a break, as she stumbles on a case with ties to her past!”

I received this comic from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

I have returned with another issue of Rebirth of the Gangster by CJ Standal and Juan Romera.

This issue focused on Lorena Sanchez and some on Marcus and Hunter. Especially where Hunter and Marcus meet after Hunter scares off a would-be mugger. But it is also around the time when Hunter is most criminally active. This is where Lorena Sanchez is comes into play because she and Hunter are old classmates and her newest case has Hunter written all over it.

Oh this is getting very interesting. Especially with Lorena Sanchez getting involved. I look forward to what will happen next.

Where to Buy:
Issue 3: Amazon | Issues 1-3: Amazon

About the Author:

 I love writing in all sorts of playgrounds: Rebirth of the Gangsters  is my first comic book, and I’ve been published by Slant magazine: https://www.slantnews.com/user/cj.standal

You can also find me on Philip Smith’s site promoting indie authors:

I’m also a high school English teacher: next year I’ll be teaching a graphic novel course; in the past I’ve taught a hip hop course; and I educate the youth about other valuable things, like Shakespeare.



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