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Lilith’s Garden of Madness by N.L. Johnson

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Paranormal Fantasy, Suspense, Horror
Publisher: Self-Published
Date of Release: February 3, 2016
Pages: 71 pages
Format: Kindle (mobi)
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My Rating:
4.85 Stars
4 Stars

About the Book:
“Hidden away behind the doors of Kelton Mental Institution is a power unlike any the world has ever experienced. It has been locked away for so long that many no longer believe it exist. That was until Hannah finds it down the South Hall of Kelton. But should it have been found or forgotten along with the remainder of the “untreatables”. What Kelton kept locked away is only a taste of what is to come as a completely unknown world of angels, demons and the unforeseen beings, opens up or rather wakes up with the release of Room 102.”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

No shame, but I read this entire novella while listening an entire Black Moth album. So now when I hear the music, the novel is ingrained in my head. Ha ha.

Aside from a few spelling errors, the concept of this story was amazing. It pulled me right in and kept me interested until the very end. And I was sad it did end! I wanted it to keep going!

At first, we are introduced to a young girl on her birthday playing with her dolls. She seems isolated and lonely, so when she makes a sudden and mysterious friend, chaos ensues.

Then we are introduced to Room 102 and it’s occupant. Eventually you realize the occupant is actually referred to as Room 102 and has been there for 10 years. Rotting away in a cell.
By the terminology and technology present, I’d say this is a modern tale however the treatment of the patients is far from modern. Those nurses scream 1800’s and onward mental facility staff. It was sickening to see the treatment and however they managed to make Hannah go mad, my goodness.

I can’t wait to read more though. I suspect Room 102 has some serious skill hidden under her skin and I’m curious what this doctor will do to help her. His guilt must be eating him alive.
I also hope Room 102 is granted a name one day too.

Where to Buy:

Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble | Indie Bound

About the Author:

N.L Johnson lives in Eastman, Georgia.  She is a nurse, mother of two busy boys, wife, and author of the Unforeseen Beings Novella Series.  When she is not writing and developing frustrating plot twists for her readers, she can be found free-diving in any one of Florida’s beautiful natural springs.


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