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12:07 The Sleeping by L. Sydney Abel

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Hi Readers!
In the spirit of Halloween, author L. Sydney Abel and I bring you an interview about his horror novel 12:07 The Sleeping. Enjoy!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I’m married with 2 grown-up children and a young granddaughter. I was born in Kingston upon Hull but now live in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

What inspired you to write?
I’ve always written in some form or other. I used to make up stories for my children, but never wrote them down. Later, when I was in a rock group, I wrote the music and lyrics to songs. Then, after a spell of illness and with time on my hands, my wife encouraged me to put pen to paper.
Inspiration comes in many forms. It sounds spooky, but someone whispers into my ear! It’s not my thoughts, because the voice isn’t mine. It’s just a name or title, nothing more. A few words or even a full sentence is spoken loudly enough to wake me from my dreams. Sometimes I wake up with a start to what I call my ‘midnight creation’. Maybe I’m being channelled to write, I don’t know. It does sound far-fetched but I’m not making it up, honestly!

What inspired your novel 12:07 The Sleeping?
The idea came from something very real. I’ve been visited by something or someone since I was five. Whatever or whoever it was, climbed out of the wardrobe and walked towards me. Yes, I could have dreamt it, but I didn’t. I’ve since discovered this phenomenon is called Sleep Paralysis or better known as Hag’s Syndrome, where a creature comes into your room whilst you sleep, crawls upon the bed and then crawls on you and…

What is the genre?
Psychological horror.

What draws you to this genre?
I have always been fascinated by the unknown. Expect the unexpected!

How did you develop your plot and your characters?
I thought of occult worship where there’s a ritual. I then worked backwards from that initial idea. The number 666 has always been associated with the devil, so I choose 5 characters to stand on the points of the pentacle, whilst the 6th person performed the ritual. But the book is not just about a ritual, it is about James being visited by The Sleeping and his fight to stay alive.

What inspired your protagonist?
If I’m being honest, there’s a lot of myself in James!

What inspired your antagonist?
The Sleeping visit the ‘unwanted’ during sleep, but they need someone to contact this person when awake. So Mr Green is a go-between of sorts.

What was the hardest part to write in the book?
Bringing the devil into play and describing him, because everyone perceives him differently. I didn’t want him to be stereotypical.

What was your favourite part of your book to write?
Mr Green’s background and what makes him the person he’s become. Mr Green’s life could make a book in itself!

Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you do besides write?
I have recently become a full-time writer. There is so much more to being an author. I also illustrate my children’s books, so that can take up a lot of my time. Then there’s the marketing and publicity side of things, which my wife takes care of.

What are you currently reading?
I’m reading The Millennium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson at the moment.

Who would you say are your favourite authors?
J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle.

How about your favourite books? What would be your top 5?
Not in any particular order:
The Lord of the Rings
Oliver Twist
The Complete Sherlock Holmes
The Lost Symbol
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

What are your future projects, if any?
Currently, I’m working on a paranormal book called ‘The Soul Spook’. I also intend to write the next installment of my YA adventure novel, ‘Timothy Other: The Boy who climbed Marzipan Mountain’.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and your books?
Via my website-
Or my Facebook author page

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 
Life’s too short, so set sight on your goals and go for them. You never know, you may even achieve your dreams!
After all, it’s better to try and fail than to never try at all.

Where to Buy:

Amazon UK | Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble

Thank you to L. Sydney Abel for the wonderful interview! I look forward to reading 12:07 The Sleeping one day! – Leticia


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