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Sacrificial Lamb Cake by Katrina Monroe

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Fantasy, Satire
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing LLC
Date of Release: December 2014
Format: ePub
Pages: 200 pages
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My Rating:
4.75 Stars
4 Stars

About the Book:

Oh. My. God.

Rain Johnson escaped the insanity of her radical environmentalist family, only to end up waitressing for a living. Her scale of success—with her at the bottom—only goes as high as that college degree she never got, until she gets one hell of an epiphany from a Trinity Corporation public-relations guy who calls himself Jude. He tells her she’s the Lamb of God, and it’s time for that whole Second Coming thing. But when her first minor miracle gets her arrested and an ecoterrorist using the name Messiah starts blowing up pesticide plants, Rain and Judas are in for way more apocalypse than either of them expected.

Jude scrambles to save his personal plan for salvation, but Lucy, the devil herself, has her own well-laid plans. It doesn’t matter that Rain’s a conflict-avoiding lesbian and Jude is history’s worst traitor. They’re all that stands between humanity and an end of the world that wasn’t supposed to happen.”

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Holy Satire Batman!

I was a little hesitant with the religious connotations in this book but this was awesome.
You didn’t need to be well versed in the Bible to understand the concept behind this story and who the key players were, at all.

Rain is the least likely Messiah or Lamb of God, ever. She is a wild, orange haired, foul mouthed, tattooed lesbian living in sin with another lesbian who has more secrets than hair on her head. Also Rain was raised by rabid Hippie’s to boot! That says a lot there, ha!

Judas played a key role in preparing this new Messiah. Ms. Monroe made him sound so old and creepy. I kind of envisioned the creepy cult leader in Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Kane as what Judas might look like. Especially as he was described as being in a body too old to survive half of the stuff it was put through.

I absolutely loved that Lucifer is a chick. It’s so suiting. She was hell bent, pun intended; totally awesome. Totally worth it too. I also enjoyed the twist of who the Anti-Christ was.

This novel has a little bit of everything from steamy shower sex scenes (say that 5 times fast, ha ha), profanity, sarcasm and a ton of humor to keep you interested.

If you enjoyed the movie Dogma, then this book might just fill that void Dogma left. Wink!

Where to Buy:

Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Kobo | Barnes & Noble

About the Author:

Katrina Monroe is the author of several novels. Her newest, ALL DARLING CHILDREN, will be out from Red Adept Publishing in fall 2016. She lives in Minnesota with her partner, two daughters, and a cat who eats better than she does.


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