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DarkChylde: The Ariel Chylde Saga by R. Queen

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Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Horror
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release: October 31, 2016
Pages: 236 pages
Format: ePub
Links: Dark ChyldeGood ReadsInstagramTumblr

My Rating:
4.85 Stars
4 Stars

About the Book:

“Ariel Chylde is haunted by horrible dreams, and on her eighteenth birthday sheds her skin as the nightmares emerge to act out her deepest, darkest impulses.

But before Ariel can save her small town from the terror of her dreams,
she must first save herself from the sinister secret of her subconscious.

A secret guarded by unspeakable evil.”

I received this eBook from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Well damn, I am glad I placate my inner child with chocolate, video games, and art therapy involving markers, pencil crayons and colouring books. I am also glad that my nightmares don’t come to life. Or that I don’t become a manifestation of my nightmares.

This played heavily into the inner psyche and the inner child. For some reason, Ariel Chylde is plagued with darkness.

“It’s not weakness to admit sadness- it takes strength to drag pain kicking and screaming into the light.”

This reminded me a lot of Silent Hill in the sense of the nightmares and the bringing it out into the world somewhat. But the psychological side reminded me more of The Cell.
(I know, Silent Hill movies did not do the games justice!)
The fact that Ariel could manifest her dreams, or nightmare if you will; and reach her inner child, Miss Happy, and still be sane is amazing. Penance was terrifying. The Crimson Devils, no thanks. I choose life!

Despite suffering the loss of her mother, horrific nightmares and being tormented by her classmates, Ariel is a great main character and heroine. Just when she is at her lowest, along comes Perry or “CuteFace”, wanting to be her friend.
Ariel’s inner child, Miss Happy. My goodness, what spunk she has! She survived Ariel’s nightmare landscape. She was chilling in her poetry. But she was such a comedic relief, it was worth it.

“She points at the webbed neckline of my dress, switching gears from sad to ominous as she makes circles in the air over my heart. ‘Let this warning be upon you then, what breathed before will breathe again, they’ll borrow your bones, they’ll borrow your skin, you’ll bridge these worlds, indeed they’ll mesh, you’ll host them with your very flesh.’ Great, now I’m even more spooked.”

Those nightmare monsters were incredibly intense. I do not want to tangle with Penance at all. It was amazing Miss Happy survived without being horribly damaged.

This wasn’t just a fantastic read, it was also a tough, dark and gritty story. It hits you right in the feels.
I would totally love to see this in a video game and I would completely play the crap out of it!

Highly recommended even if you are unfamiliar with the comics, as I was. I may have to search out these comics now!

Where to Buy:

Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository

About the Author:

R.Queen is an accomplished comic book creator, poet, fine artist, and writer.

In this, his first novel, Queen brings a visual power and a lyrical sensibility to one girl’s struggle with loss, identity, and nightmares beyond imagination. Shining a light into the darkest depths of the heart to illuminate the courage of the human spirit. A courage found only by facing the fears which dwell hungry and ancient within us all.


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