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Prelude to Mayhem by Edward Aubry

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Science Fiction, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Dystopian
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release: November 28, 2016
Pages: 342 pages
Format: ePub
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My Rating:

4.75 Stars

4 Stars

About the Book:

“In the ruins of his world, Harrison Cody follows a mysterious voice on the radio as he and his pixie sidekick travel on foot across a terrifyingly random landscape.

They discover Dorothy O’Neill, who has had to survive among monsters when her greatest worry used to be how to navigate high school.

Together they search for what remains of Chicago, and the hope that civilization can be rebuilt.”

I received this eBook from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

This was such an awesome read.
My first thoughts reading this book were: what the heck am I reading and do I need to be high? Ha ha.
But seriously? Dinosaurs?! Dead dinosaurs?! Then rainbow coloured rats?! A pixie?!

“What are you even supposed to be? The Apocalypse Fairy?”
She gasped, threw her hands over her face and rocked for a moment. Standing up, she shouted, “Fuck you!” Then she shot away. A thick trail of red sparks remained behind her. After a few seconds it faded and vanished.
Harrison stood still, frozen in his confusion. “Well… I didn’t expect that.”

I felt like I was on a trip where the mash up of Doctor Who, I Am Legend and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It was awesome, so awesome.
Plus, who can resist a German accented Dragon named Gustav who was munching on the dinosaurs?

Glimmer was one of the best characters I have read in a long time. Her loyalty to Harrison, and to Marshall was inspiring. She was so refreshing with her sass and spunk!

“Glimmer!” he shouted over the din.
The pixie looked up, straight at him and instantly became a streak of light that smacked him in the face. The background murmur of voices grew briefly quieter. Still mid-air, she held his face, one arm under his chin, the other around the back of his ear. Her face nuzzled his cheek. That whole side of his head felt like pins and needles. He closed his eyes and soaked it up.
“I thought you were dead,” he whispered.
“Shh,” she whispered back.

Dorothy was touching. I felt so deeply for her, especially because she was so alone. But she handled it. She focused on making a home for herself, even though Harrison and Marshall eventually interrupted that for her.

For me, Harrison didn’t really have much substance until he met Marshall and became a father figure to the orphaned boy. His personality developed more, especially when Dorothy became part of that family.

The plot was original and spell binding. The imagery was vivid and rich. It just sucks you in. I enjoyed their adventure to find Claudia. And in some aspects, I wasn’t really ready for their adventure to end.

I enjoyed the idea that humans, despite catastrophe, will always pull through and rebuild. I just found the progress in the city was a fast. Perhaps it was from the magic that was in the world, and the gadgets from different points in time. But it wasn’t really believable.

Either way, highly recommend to sci-fi and fantasy lovers! Wonderful story and look forward to continuing this journey with Harrison, Glimmer, Dorothy and Marshall.

Where to Buy:

Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes and Noble | Book Depository

About the Author:

Edward Aubry is a graduate of Wesleyan University, with a degree in music composition. Improbably, this preceded a career as a teacher of high school mathematics and creative writing. He now lives in rural Pennsylvania with his wife and three spectacular daughters, where he fills his non-teaching hours spinning tales of time-travel, wise-cracking pixies, and an assortment of other impossible things.


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