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Beating of a Dead Heart (Ripping Solace #2) by Gabriela Aguilar

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Young Adult, Adventure, Dystopian, Fantasy
Date of Release: February 23, 2016
Pages: 207
Format: Mobi format
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My Rating:

4 Stars

About the Book:

Momo rises up from the ashes, and V’s world completely burns away… literally.

With their communication severed, their bond threatens to break as set out on different paths.
V sets her sight on a far off shore while Momo returns home with revenge on his mind.
The girl and the soldier must overcome the new threats that shadow their every step as they race towards the same goal, the same destiny.

Together, will they discover what it means to hear a dead heart pulse!

I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I thought that I would end my year by reading and reviewing for one of my 2016 new favourite author’s and continue on this Four Worlds in Conflict journey. I started my year out reading for her, only respectable I finish it this way too. It was well worth it.

V is on the run after burning down her house. The only one left to really tell the first part of the story is Ezzie. It was nice to get to know Ezra and see the world from his eyes. Until then, he was just V’s friend.

It was also nice to see Momo accept the recognition he deserved. Although being a General in a war fought by the poor and financed by the rich, it clearly was not easy for him. He had to butt heads against those who just pour money into bringing more into their ranks instead of redefining their war tactics. Funny how that is. That the people who know the least make the biggest decisions. Heh.

Ah 13, he is always the best for humour but add in Jan, the crazy scientist trying to cure the world from the illness that struck the Rippers. I was cracking up at some of the instances where Momo described 13 as her test monkey, and the weird side effects of the serum’s. It was perfect as always.

Holy crap, V and Momo finally get to meet. Mind you, she was slightly a damsel in distress when they did. It was nice to see Momo be able to rescue her. I kind of have high hopes for Momo and V.
But this book left me with a really terrible book hangover. I just couldn’t face reading again. Not until I was able to overcome the loss of a key character. I may, or may not, have wept a little for this loss. I really hope it isn’t true though. My heart broke for V, because the last thing she needed was more loss and heartbreak.

I hope V can overcome that and strive towards her goal, and that she and Momo can stop the war and get the cure out. Provided it doesn’t turn everyone into twitchy 13’s, ha ha.

Where to Buy:

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About the Author:

Born in Guatemala, the high crime and corruption in her beloved country drove her to find solace within the pages of every book she could get her hands on. Her family circumstances allowed her to live in different countries and . develop a deep curiosity for foreign languages and diverse cultures. As a young adult, she was encouraged by a friend to take a different journey. A journey filled with words. Ripping Solace is her first published work. When she is not busy bulling Momo or sticking her thumb up to hitchhike an interstellar ride, she studies English literature in an effort to earn a degree. You can momentarily catch her in Florida where she arduously trains to survive a zombie apocalypse. She has no cat.


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