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The amazing story of DragonMan was born at the dawn of the 21st Century, when the world, about to change forever, watched in disbelief as four passenger airliners crashed, not only into buildings and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, but into the American certainty that the horrors of the outside world could not touch them at home.
It was into this world that a new kind of superhero emerged, one for whom the lines between good and evil are blurred. Is he friend? Or is he foe? No one knows for sure. What they do know, however, is that as a friend there is no one better.

ThunderBall is pleased to announce our DragonMan trailer won HONORABLE MENTION in the 2016 SUPERHERO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL.

All of the books are being made into movies by ThunderBall films Ltd. And two songs written by me for the Saga. ‘DarkSide Of Heaven’ (DragonMan Theme) and In ‘That Gentle Moment’ for Descendants of Man’.

Book 1:

Date of Release: March 16, 2014
Pages: 309 pages
Links: Good ReadsAmazon

Teenager Luke Starr appears to be living a rather dull uneventful life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That is until fate and a nameless, faceless mysterious dark force from a different plane of existence catapults Luke into a series of wondrous adventures, adventures that will change his life and those around him forever. Luke Starr, respected, feared and hated by many as the one born to greatness, is suddenly propelled with great swiftness into a nightmare, then forced to come face to face with destiny. Is it all a dream? A wild imagination perhaps? Or is this unimaginable journey into the unknown real?

You’re about to find out when you embark on this unforgettable journey with DragonMan. A fantasy adventure filled with wizardry and mystery that carries you away on the wings of magic to bewitching lands, where goblins dwell, wizards rule and witches still cast their evil spells.

The story unfolds with the mood of impending danger set early on, as a likable young teenage hero, Luke Starr, enters a mysterious realm of Earth known as the mythical world of Spellville, by way of an eerie portal in search of his kidnapped friends. But the journey for Luke is not so much a mission of mercy as one of self-discovery. For despite his humble midwest origins, Luke is no ordinary teenager. Imbued with super powers following a ritualistic exchange of blood with a clever dragon, Luke soon discovers the awesome legacy of his birthright, a dark side of great strength and brutal fury and must learn to accept the fact that he is known in this other world as The Chosen One.

Still, unquestionably human, he must come to grips with what he has now become, the most violent force in nature, a dragon hybrid, a.k.a. “DragonMan.” And ready or not, he is thrust into a nightmarish life and death battle to try and save Planet Earth from alien beings hell-bent on destruction, at the same time grappling with his own fears and doubts while always in an inner conflict with himself trying to keep the violent nature of the dragon in check, making it a tough road to travel for this teenage boy of strong morals beliefs.

In a pace that never flags, Luke and an ancient dragon must now join together in an epic struggle that is all neatly stitched together by an intriguing cast of characters, both good and evil and not-exactly-as-they-seem, wherein , a mysterious psychic and an ominous stranger and alien attack on Earth keep the action rolling until the climactic conclusion.

Book 2:

Date of Release: July 24, 2014
Pages: 299 pages
Links: Good ReadsAmazon

In Ted Lazaris’s first fantasy adventure novel, Dragonman, the Adventures of Luke Starr, the reader was introduced to the likable Luke and his seemingly normal way of life growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Luke was portrayed as a quiet, average kid plagued by all the inherent problems of the typical American teen: dealing with a crush on a girl he’s too shy to approach, pesky sisters constantly poking their noses into his business, bullies at school and exams to study for.

But Luke, readers soon discovered, was burdened by a far greater weight than any of his peers, as he struggled to come to terms with his birthright as The Chosen One, savior of the distant world of Spellville.

Not only that, but, like hapless Peter Parker forced to juggle his complex life as Spider-Man while pursuing his love interest and his not-always-easy career, Luke had to learn to harness the enormous powers of DragonMan, his super alter-ego, a persona that regrettably did not come with an instruction manual.

In this second, action comic-like installment, DragonMan and the Poseidon Encounter, Luke seems to have come to terms with his legacy and appears well in control of his super powers–which he will be called upon to use this time around to save the world from an evil demon who seeks to claim the souls of every human being on earth.

The mood of impending danger is set from the very first page, when author Ted Lazaris takes off his gloves to delivering a knock-out of an opening scene: Five-year-old Bobby Blakely, running downstairs on the morning of his birthday, finds not the hoped for brand new bicycle as a gift, but rather an enormous blue whale that has somehow “washed up” in the small lake on his parent’s isolated farm.

While many consider the whale’s appearance a hoax, others believe it to be a sign of impending Biblical doom. And it is enough to rouse Luke’s suspicions that worse is about to happen–which it does. In a pace that never flags, Poseidon Encounter unfolds in a complex thread of differing tales, from an old-fashioned detective murder mystery to a science fiction fantasy, all neatly stitched together by an intriguing cast of characters, both good and evil and not-exactly-as-they-seem.

An imaginative writer, Lazaris blends magic, mysticism, religion and the fast-paced action of the comic book world into a book that fans of the first DragonMan tale will find hard to put down.

Book 3: 

Date of Release: August 29, 2013
Pages: 425 pages
Links: Good ReadsAmazon

The War to End All Wars Came Swiftly From East of the Dawn

A series of savage and brutal murders is taking place by a killer that might not be human. Where did it come from? How did it get here? And how can it be stopped?
The Order Of The Circle Of Light, a secret brotherhood first discovered this baffling mix of man and God, in 1970. Now this Son of God, or Satan is about to proclaim its divinity, through a ritualistic series of slaying’s.

It’s goal; wage war one last time to determine who shall rule Heaven and Earth. To the victor goes the cherished prize … mankind.

In the bloody heroic war to determine mankind’s fate, blood red flames, smoke and dust soar high into the grim night sky above two armies as they engage in mortal combat.
One hopes and prays they will survive the night, retaining dominion over their own world. While the other will wage war in ways mankind can scarcely imagine, in a gruesome fight to end all life on Earth.

Not only weaponry and blind fear will march into battle on December 24TH. There will be hope and faith. There will be friendships. There will be undying love.
But far more than our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters will fall on the bitter cold December battlegrounds to determine mankind’s destiny; shattered dreams, innocence lost, and the very essence of the human spirit will also become casualties of war, the war to end all wars.

Can Luke Starr, aka, DragonMan, a new superhero for our times, figure out whom this mysterious being really is and stop its relentless threat to mankind?

Only time will tell.

 Book 4:

Date of Release: January 1, 2016
Pages: 287 pages
Links: Good ReadsAmazon

Why did the Anunnaki come here? Did they create human hybrids? What is their plan for earth? And for us, the human hybrids? Why did some; the original humans (Bigfoot) resist?

Will we survive what is yet to come? — Those who look for the truth, already know — those that fail to search, are lost — but those with an open mind will soon come to know…The Descendants Of Man.

Much of the story information that was obtained to create this story is believed to be true by many people around the world — Fact or fiction — You decide.


A flash of lightning pierced through the muddy liquid dripping down the windshield of the car, now lying on its side, startling Tera. As her eyes adjusted she could see through an open door. The area was drowning in trees and weeds.
She reached over to the passenger’s seat only to find that Luke was not in the vehicle. She quickly exited the car in search of him. Except for a few minor scratches and bruises she was all right.

From her vantage point she could not see the road. So she checked around in the vicinity of the vehicle. As she did, droplets of rain began to fleck on her face and soon the drizzle became a downfall, followed by a quick burst of lightning, and several booms of thunder that illuminated the gloomy sky. Not far from where she was standing she saw Luke’s Brewers hat and began to search in that direction for him.

Just then, the sound of helicopter blades began to cut through the darkened silence. Louder and louder they became as more and more helicopters entered the air space above. Suddenly they begin to illuminate the area with dozens of powerful searchlights. In the distance she could see Luke wandering about. She quickly rushed over to him and asked him if he was alright. She soon learned that he suffered a head injury, and couldn’t remember her, who he was, or what happened.
“What’s going on?”
“We were in an accident. You were thrown from our vehicle.”
“What’s with all the noise and lights?”
“They’re searching the area with helicopters, they should find us soon enough.”
Tera and Luke began to walk in the direction of the search beams from above when they came upon a clearing. What they saw next was not only strange but frightening. Several hundred feet were flattened. It was like looking at a giant crop circle but instead of compressed corn husks or wheat and barley, the high grass, bushes, and shattered trees made up a complex design or message of some kind and in the very center was a massive hole. As a research scientist herself, she knew that most scientists, her included, believed that the majority crop circles, the ones that they could explain, were man-made. But there it was, right in front of her, a puzzle without an answer.

Tera immediately began to take pictures of the anomaly from several different vantage points. Then she ran down to the opening of the dark abyss to get a closer look and a few pictures. As she did, a beam of light began to focus in on her like a laser beam. Just then, she dropped her cell phone and bent down to retrieve it, and as she did, a gunman on the chopper took a shot and missed her.

In a frenzy, Tera ran zig-zagging as shots continued to rain down on her. Seconds later she was hidden in the tree covered area. Luke was hiding under a large tree.
“Over here…hurry!”

When she got to Luke’s side she hugged him, crying and quivering with fright. He did not respond in a like manner. He wasn’t cold and uncaring, just a bit detached.
“What the hell is going on? Why are they shooting at us?”
“We must’ve crossed over into North Korea. Come on, follow me.”
“Why? Where?”
“We gotta get back to the road, wherever that is, or they’re gonna kill us for sure, let’s go,” Tera shouted, as she pulled Luke’s arm. “Hurry! Soldiers will be here soon.”

They both wandered off, disoriented and lost. Soon the area was swarming with soldiers. Luke and Tera watched from a distance under a large fallen tree.
The soldiers were preoccupied with the anomaly, while dozens of military vehicles surrounded the large crop circle. Then they turned their high beams on to illuminate the area. Moments later a black civilian vehicle arrived on the scene and four men exited the car. One man was wearing a black hat. And by the way the other soldiers saluted the man it was easy to see he was in charge.

Suddenly high powered lights begin to target the anomaly from atop a hill, behind Luke and Tera.
“What are they looking at?”
“It’s kinda hard to explain. Here, take a look at it on my cell phone,” Tera said.
“To say the least. What ever that is, it caused the accident too.”
“I wish I could remember something…anything.”
“You will, give it time. I bet that’s the road up there, where the lights are coming from.”
“If you wanna go check it out, I’m ready when you are?”
“Okay, but we gotta be careful. I don’t want to announce ourselves to anyone yet, it’s kinda hard to predict how they will react under these circumstances.”
“I understand…let’s do it.”

Then, out of their den of safety they crawled, into the pouring rain, cautiously making their way up the ravine toward the safety of the road. Just then, a shard of lightning silhouetted a grimly gaunt soldier. His eyes were as black and hard as steel, and he was pointing his weapon at them. He was dressed in a drab khaki green uniform. In a loud shrill voice he shouted out several commands in Korean. Though they did not understand the words, there was no mistaking what he meant, and they began to walk in the direction that he kept signaling for them to move in.
“He’s one of the bad guys,” Tera said.
“How do you know?”
“Because he’s not speaking English.”

Unfortunately for Tera, she wasn’t moving fast enough. Then, without warning, the soldier slammed the butt of his weapon into Tera’s back with brute force, knocking her to the ground.

As she lay on her belly like a limp doll, he dragged her, kicking her savagely, as he continued to shout out commands, while pointing in the direction he wanted them to walk.

In the melee, Luke’s face became flushed with adrenalin and he charged toward the soldier. But before the soldier could get a shot off, there was an explosion of heat and flames, knocking the soldier to the ground.
Tera watched in horror as Luke morphed into DragonMan, a savage, armored, reptilian looking alien. Tera lay motionless, choking back a gurgle in her throat, as if she had seen her own demise. And then, in that horror filled moment, DragonMan spread his wings menacingly, and took flight.

In the shadows she could see him moving slowly, deliberately, and inevitably closer. His eyes began glinting in the dark, just before he swooped down over the sadistic soldier and pummeled him viciously until he lay there, bloodstained and unmoving.
Tera could say nothing, as hysteria took over. She could only stare in awe as DragonMan transformed back into the love of her life. Someone she thought she knew, until now. His actions were so violent, so cold, so automatic, it didn’t seem real.

Though utterly horrified, Tera kept her wits about her, as well as her urge to scream, and in sheer, raw, unrelenting panic, ran. But as nightmarish as that was, nothing could have prepared Tera for what was still to come.

Free Eight Chapter preview of AMAZON Best-Seller – DragonMan: Descendents of Man
Also listen to In ‘That Gentle Moment’ A song written for this adventure by me.

Read by Peter Avastrat.

Click here for all eight chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 part 1
Chapter 4 part 2
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Coming Soon 2017:


1.incapable of being fully explored or understood.
Synonyms: inscrutable, incomprehensible, enigmatic, indecipherable, impenetrable, obscure, esoteric, mysterious, mystifying, deep, profound
“unfathomable mysteries”
2.(of water or a natural feature) impossible to measure the extent of.

To most people, the definition above, is just a word expressing similar  definitions  and nothing more.  But when a  bizarre sequence of events draws not only the  United States, but every world superpower on the globe  into the threat of World War III the word takes on a whole new meaning. And  all the world can do at this point is watch, as the  terrifying mystery slowly begins to unravel, revealing the …UNFATHOMABLE.

Luke Starr: Milwaukee boy. Crown Prince of Spellville, aka DragonMan
Ten years ago, Luke discovered that he was the Chosen One of Spellville, a magical alternate dimension. He used his abilities as DragonMan to fight against the ruthless Unter. With the help of his great-grandfather Alaba and the other wizards of Spellville, Luke banished Unter into the inescapable Eon Vault. All was well.

Until a Supernova lends Unter the power to break free…

Now, the Evil One is back and stronger than ever.

Outraged by his previous defeat, Unter will hit Luke where it hurts most. Followers. Friends. Family. Kidnapping one of Luke’s sisters and his girlfriend Jenny Anderson, Unter will take one hostage on Earth, the other on Spellville. While the Dragon is distracted by his loved ones in peril, the Evil One will begin to terraform both worlds for his dying race.

Luke must make a choice: the Earth or Spellville, his sister or the woman he loves…
A cat-and-mouse game with no rewards, only consequences.
Our young hero must quickly adapt to this experiment in terror or watch his world be destroyed by a god-like being bent on revenge.

Time is running out, Chosen One. Tick tock… Tick tock…

Born From Oblivion – God no longer rules supreme.”
In the distant past, long before people populated the Earth, and before animals roamed the planet, something terrifying and cunning made its home in the vegetation covering the planet like a soft green blanket. Lying in wait for millions of years, this species continued to evolve. Patiently crossing over and manipulating the genetic code of different species. And now, this prefect omniscient being… born from oblivion, has awakened and is ready to feed… God No Longer Rules Supreme… IT’S COMING.

DragonMan: Face Of The Unknown, authored by Ted Lazaris, who created DragonMan and wrote the series of novels, which are being developed and produced by ThunderBall Films, has accomplished the amazing feat of debuting at NUMBER #1 on AMAZON KINDLE, ahead of David Baldacci and James Patterson novels.
Ted Lazaris, (Dragonman Productions) received the attention and a Letter of Commendation from former First Lady, Laura Bush who commented “I admire your efforts, through writing adventure stories, to encourage people of all ages to enjoy reading.
The following is the Foreword Written in the Novel, DragonMan – Descendants Of Man, by Actress, Kya Garwood, who is also known for roles in films such as Into The Woods – National Treasure – Dark Shadows.
Ted Lazaris is the successful, #1 Amazon best-selling, creator and author of the DragonMan series, a 21st century superhero saga – like nothing we’ve experienced before. With the DragonMan series optioned by CEO/Producer Mario Domina of ThunderBall Films Ltd., Ted can add screenwriter, producer and, if that wasn’t enough, writer of lyrics to two songs set to feature in the films, to his impressive list of achievements.


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