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Tranquility by Grace Jelsnik


Romance, Suspense
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Date of Release: September 29, 2015
Pages: 241 pages
Format: ePub
Links: Good Reads


4.75 Stars

4 Stars


“We must find justice for the boy.”

The locals called her “The Crazy Woman of Copper Creek,” but to Caitlyn she was Gram, the woman who taught her to control the visions that had tormented her throughout her early childhood. Upon receipt of an incoherent letter from her grandmother, a letter in which only one point is made clear, a desire to find justice for an unidentified boy, Caitlyn returns to the little cabin on Copper Creek. She’s too late to help Gram, but not too late to satisfy her grandmother’s dying wish. Tormented by guilt over having turned her back on the woman who helped a little girl find her voice, Caitlyn is also determined to solve Gram’s murder.

Trevor, sheriff of Lincoln County, battles his own demons, and now he must also battle the prickly young woman who holds the solution to the unsolved disappearance of a boy last spring. In his attempts to understand the curse that made Caitlyn’s grandmother a local pariah, he learns to understand himself.

Throughout their investigation of Gram’s murder, Caitlyn and Trevor hurtle toward encounters with old enemies: for Caitlyn, a river that whispers sinister threats; for Trevor, a father with a sinister past. Only by vanquishing these enemies will they ever know tranquility.


I received this eBook from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

This turned out to be a perfect read for me. I loved the quick and easy read, which is always a treat.

You’re introduced to Caitlyn Blanchard as an awkward and quiet child among a boisterous family. Her mother send’s her to her equally unusual grandmother for summers. For the both of them, it was rewarding. Even though you never met Caitlyn’s grandmother, the memories of Caitlyn was enough to enjoy the tough but loving woman.

My favourite element was the quips and bickering between Caitlyn and Trevor. It reminded me of that school yard myth that the boy who is the meanest to you likes you the most.

“He glanced down at the foaming water at the base of the falls beneath him and grimaced before turning his sights on the hole. ‘I’ve saved any number of lives,’ he called out while reaching for the nest.
“And probably lost more, wasting time while you boasted about it.”
Trevor grinned. She had an acid tongue, but he appreciated the rapidity of the retort.”  (pg 37)

The romance in this novel is light but refreshing. There is no serious adult sex scenes but plenty of difficult topics.

Together with Caitlyn’s psychic ability, she and Trevor solve a boy’s unfortunate murder, her grandmother’s death and somehow manage to fall in love.

The only issues I had were a couple of inconsistencies with names. This can be a little distracting at times. But it didn’t take away from the story too much. Other than the inconsistencies, I really didn’t have an issue with the novel.

Again, this was a lovely read. I definitely recommend this light romance and suspense novel!


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Grace Jelsnik earned her M.A. In English with an emphasis on creative writing at the University of South Dakota. Her novels emphasize complicated plots, realistic characters, and rural settings, but each addresses an element of romance that takes a pragmatic approach to the natural interaction between two characters, addressing the sparks that lead to heat, not the heat itself. Her targeted audience is educated late teen and older readers who enjoy suspense and action-adventure delivered with a dose of humor.


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