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Heir of Locksley Book Tour & Giveaway

Historical, LGBT
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Publication Date: December 1, 2016
Pages: 400 pages
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About the Book:

Robin of Locksley is a rebel, more comfortable roaming Sherwood Forest with his longbow and courting the village girls than learning how to run a manor.

An innocent flirtation with a peasant girl soon lands Robin in trouble, and worse, he finds himself inexplicably attracted to Will Scathelock, his best friend since childhood. Robin must decide whether to follow the rules of society or his own conscience.

Meanwhile, his neighbour, Guy of Gisborne, is anxious to get his hands on the Locksley estate and he will do anything to make it happen – even murder.


“Well, it looks like we will not be stepbrothers after all.”

Guy spun round, his hand tightening on his sword. Robin had appeared noiselessly on the path in front of him, his face wearing the old, infuriating grin Guy remembered so well.

“You’re looking well, Guy.”

“That’s more than I can say for you,” Guy snarled. He pointed at Robin’s nose. “Brawling is hardly proper for the son of a lord, but then, you never did conduct yourself with any propriety.”

Robin laughed, which was not the reaction Guy had hoped for. He patted his nose.
“This is a souvenir of our last meeting. Don’t you remember?”

“Oh, I remember.” Guy’s voice was a low hiss. “You destroyed my life. You destroyed my family.”

The grin faded from Robin’s face. “I’m sorry for that.”


“I was a child, Guy. Sir Benedict happened upon me just after I’d discovered your mother and my father together. When he asked me where they were, I panicked. What else could I have done?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Guy’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Lied, perhaps?”

“Your life wasn’t the only one that changed. I never meant to hurt you or Katrina. How is she, by the way?”

“You will not touch my sister,” Guy roared. “You will not even speak her name.”

“Guy!” Robin made as if to lay a hand on his arm, but Guy’s sword flashed between them. Robin didn’t flinch. “So this is how it’s going to be, is it? We were friends once. Are you going to let one mistake ruin that?”

“Friends?” Guy let out a derisive laugh. “That’s what you thought? A few apologetic words and we could forget the past?”

“I’m not proud of what I did. I’ve regretted it every day for yours and Katrina’s sake.”

“Save your regrets for those who want them. And I have news for you; we were never friends. Unlike everyone else, I didn’t worship the ground you walked on. I despise you, and if I ever catch you alone in a secluded spot…” Guy ran a thumb along his sword blade.

Robin’s eyes hardened. “Go ahead. We are alone. I am unarmed. Those are just the type of odds you like, aren’t they? I could be wrong, but is it normal practice to bring a sword to a funeral? You wouldn’t be flaunting your new status? Dear me, and your father just in his grave. Your love leaves something to be desired.”

Guy was speechless. Robin’s self-assurance was almost too much for him. He considered killing him there and then, but he remembered the plan. Robin’s fate was already decided, and revenge, Guy’s mother had often told him, was a dish best served cold.

With a noise of contempt, Robin walked away.

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About the Author:

N.b. Dixon is an author of historical fiction. Her love for the Robin Hood legend began in a neglected corner of the school library and has continued ever since. She is a self-confessed bookworm and also a musician.

She began work on the Outlaws Legacy Series in 2013, and was accepted by Beaten Track Publishing in 2016. Outlaws Legacy is a historical series based around the Robin Hood legend. The author describes it as Exciting Historical Adventure with GLBT romance.

Author Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Good Reads


Three lucky winners will receive an e-copy of Heir of Locksley, the first in the Outlaw’s Legacy series by N.B. Dixon, a highly original retelling of the Robin Hood legend. To be in with a chance, simply enter via the Rafflecopter below. The contest closes at midnight EST on May 6 and is open to entrants worldwide.

Good luck!

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