Hi! *Waves*
My name is Leticia. I’m 31 years old from the Kitchener-Waterloo area in Ontario, Canada.

And if you haven’t guessed by now, I LOVE to read.

I love to read so much, that a lot of my friends began asking me for book recommendations and I couldn’t begin to tell them where to start. So I started with Good Reads, which helped me organize and them to figure out what they could read. Then the idea of writing a review blog was brought up. So thus, “Shh I am Reading Review Blog” was born!

I am also currently educating myself through online courses. I also manage and run a support group for Agoraphobia and Monophobia. I struggle every day with agoraphobia, severe anxiety, panic disorder and depression. Reading is one of the things that helps me cope, as does writing. Combining my two loves together has been a good choice for me.

I also enjoy cooking, baking, playing video games like Guild Wars 2 or Killing Floor, and love watching movies.

Please see my Book Review Policy and Disclaimer if you are interested in sending me a book to be reviewed.


30 thoughts on “About

      1. Sure is, especially for me when I am playing fps or multiplayer!
        At least,you say it’s difficult to remind yourself… Sometimes I don’t even remember that there are some things like books!


  1. Hi! 🙂
    My hubby has never watched The X-Files so I denied him the new stuff, haha! I watched on my own and told him he had to watch all seasons to get the right to watch the last. I love video games, and I used to be good at it, but I stopped playing when I left high school, and now it’s a disaster!
    I am living with a general anxiety disorder and had many struggles with agoraphobia. Books have always been my escape.


  2. Hi! Leticia, my name is Charlie Zero the Poet. It’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Seems like you and I, have some commonality with Agoraphobia and other things you talked about on your Bio. I really enjoy reading your Bio. You seem like a very cool and interesting person to talk to. 🙂

    Say, are you into poetry? If so, whose your favorite author?

    P.S Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 🙂

    ~Charlie Zero the Poet

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  3. Hello Leticia!

    I was hoping you’d be so kind as to consider reviewing my epic debut esoteric novel The Aqueous Transmission. I guarantee it is nothing like anything you’ve ever read before and will blow your mind!! Would love to hear from you. -MIKE EYE / darkesoterika.com


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