Blog Policy & Disclaimer

Review Request Status: Closed

Thank you for visiting my little blog and for considering me to read and review for you!
I will consider all requests however I reserve the right to decline any request.
Please read my Review Policy, my Genre Preferences and my Rating system before proceeding with a review request or any other request.

I know that I probably have my reviews open on the various Blogger Directories that I signed up to but honestly, that was several years and I can’t quite remember all the ones I signed up to. This is the final say. Please check my availability above.

**Requests that are blanket-emailed or sent and do not match my reading preferences will be promptly deleted. This will be the only time I will not communicate.**

Review Requests must include:
– a Book Cover
– a Book synopsis
– a Goodreads Link
– Links as to where to buy the book
– an author picture (this is optional)
– author bio
– author contact links
– a specified genre (if it is outside my genre list, you may run the risk of being declined for a review).

Acceptable Formats: I accept ePubs, Mobi’s and PDFs. I will also accept physical copies. If you send me a physical copy, I will not be returning it, whether I read the book or not. An address will be provided upon request. (ARCs are more than welcome!)

DNF Reads: If I cannot finish your novel, for whatever reason, I will always communicate that with you and message you or your publicist/street team/publisher.

What Happens if You Are Accepted:

  • I have no strict timeline. This is due to the fact that I do have a large TBR. So if you’ve decided to tempt the Book Dragon anyhow, please keep this in mind.
  • When I do manage to read and review your book, I will write the post, share it and then send you the link. I will also share my post on my Facebook page, Goodreads, Amazon Canada*, Twitter and Instagram.
  • You will receive a rating, please see my Rating page for further information.
  • By sending me your novel, you agree that this does not mean you will receive a positive review. I will be honest, straight forward, but I will be fair. If I did not finish (DNF) or give your novel a low rating and review, I will be honest about why it received such a rating/review and I will also specify that this is not anyone else’s opinion but my own.
  • If I DNF or dislike your novel, I will respect you enough to not share my review anywhere but my blog. I will inform you immediately and ask you if you wish for me to share my review in public places such as Goodreads and Amazon Canada*.
  • * Please note that because I am Canadian, this means I can only review on Amazon’s Canadian side. Due to the changes, I cannot review the US or UK part of Amazon.

If you e-mail me a review request in any capacity, this means that you understand and agree to these terms.

Blog Disclaimer: This is a hobby blog. I do not do this for money and all books (physical or digital) are treated with the utmost respect.