Blog Policy & Disclaimer

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I have moved my blog to
Please contact me at for further information or follow the link above, thank you.

~ Leticia

Still not accepting new review requests. Thank you. 



If you do wish to send me an eBook, please try to include the following in your initial e-mail:

  • A synopsis or summary of your book
  • A brief bio of the author
  • A picture of the cover of the book and other pictures you wish to include
  • A picture of the author
  • Any other sites you wish for me to post my review, such as Amazon.

I will also participate in Spotlight interviews and will be a part of review tours, cover reveals, blog tours and giveaways.

If the book I am reading does not interest me or cannot hold my interest, you will be informed of the issue, and I will not review it.

Contact me via GoodReads:
or by e-mail at:
or via Facebook at:

I am mostly interested in:

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy/Dark Fantasy/Mythic Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural
  • Science Fiction/Apocalyptic/Post apocalyptic/First Contact/Encounters/etc
  • Cross Genre
  • Dystopian/Utopian
  • Horror/Zombie/Creepy Kids/Hauntings/Supernatural
  • Gothic horror
  • Thriller/Supernatural
  • Steampunk
  • Paranormal Romance/Supernatural Romance/Historical Romance/Contemporary Romance

If you do wish for me to read your novel, please try to put it into an ePub format. If that is not possible, I can also accept mobi formats as well.

I can post reviews on:
GoodReads, Smashwords, Twitter (as long as I have your Twitter account to tag you), Amazon US and Amazon CAN, Barnes & Noble, Chapters/Indigo, & Kobo. If you have additional places, please let me know where in your e-mail.


This blog is a hobby blog only. I do not receive money for doing book reviews; this is done in my spare time. All links are provided for readers to have access to buying the book.

I do try to link all my pictures to the actual source unless I am provided with the picture itself by the author or publisher, however if you find a picture that is your own and wish for me to take it down, please e-mail me at and it will be removed.

Thank you for your time.