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Holy Awards and Tags Batman!- Mini Update (August 2016)

I’ve fallen behind a bit. I just moved two hours away from my old place to my new place, closer to family and friends. Now comes the unpacking and finding all my stuff that has been missing for weeks, haha.

In falling behind, I’ve noticed I was nominated for a lot of Liebster awards and tagged in the Blogger Recognition tag and the Sunshine Blogger Award. I’m sorry to those who tagged me, I did notice. I just couldn’t get to them yet!

Thank you to Tripping the Page FantasticSleepless Book JunkiesThe Catcher in the Book and A Pretty Wonderful Book for nominating me for a Liebster award. I was already nominated this year so I can’t play again but it means a lot to me to be nominated again. It is much appreciated!

I promise to A Thousand LivesThe Mystery CornerThe Misstery and Shameeka’s Fictional World that I will get their tags done and up eventually.

Alright, so the other thing is, I’m still steadily working on my to be read pile. I accepted review requests without looking at what I still had to review. Rookie mistake.
I am sorry to authors who are requesting or are waiting to request. I am working on it steadily, but life does eat up some of my reading time. So I promise to the authors still waiting for reviews and those who wish to review, I am working hard at this. I appreciate your patience.

Other than that, onward with my books and reviews!