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This week’s quote is… (and update)



Hi my readers,
It has been a while since I’ve done an update.

First: my original computer is down. *Inner crying*
Some things that were on there aren’t on my laptop. Oh the horror. I’ve had to adapt to that. I also miss my video games terribly. I have to get that fixed, but in the mean time I’ve found more time for reading. Go figure. Ha.

Much is changing in my world which means I’ve had to change my blog a bit to adapt to my social life picking up. Never thought, as a borderline hermit, that I’d say that, haha.

Many of you will notice a change in how my week days are set up. This will not affect my reviews, my hosting book tours, nor my Spotlight Interviews. It just changes the day of the week they will be done.

To my dearest authors, I want to thank you all for your continued patience. This blog is still new by many standards, which means I’m still learning and still creating rules for myself to follow while doing reviews. I am very grateful for that patience, it means a lot. I know you’re awaiting your reviews, and I’m working as steadily as I can on them.

Other than that, keep on reading!