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To Betray My King Book Tour & Giveaway

Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publication Date: May 1, 2017
Pages: 277 pages
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About the Book

Would you choose to save your kingdom or follow your heart?

Brave and kindhearted, Arianna is a princess of a kingdom that nobody wants. The magicless. Marrying the charming, flirtatious, and egotistical Prince Roland was the last thing either of them wanted, but for the sake of their people they agreed. War breaks out with the neighboring kingdom, forcing the prince’s hand to join in the fight. He leaves his new wife with the only man he trusts, his childhood friend, a dutiful, strong, and handsome knight.

A sweet romantic tale of forbidden love in a dark fanatical world.


Arianna woke up early the next morning. The twins had fallen asleep in the hall. She couldn’t blame them. It was their first day on duty, and they were not used to staying up all night. She wanted to be alone, so she used that to her advantage. The sun hadn’t rose yet, and it would be awhile before Conrad had to relieve his brothers of their duty. She had plenty of time.
The princess was at the end of the garden, where the apple trees grew. She found a ladder, and started picking the greenest ones she could find. She dropped them into the basket below her. After some time she had nearly filled the basket. A single green apple was hanging out of reach, behind another branch.
She placed her hand on the first branch, ducking beneath it. She stretched to reach it. She couldn’t get it. Her face scrunched up. Thinking carefully, she hooked her arm around the branch for a better hold. She moved as far as she could on the ladder. The tips of her fingers barely brushed its smooth skin.
She released a huff in frustration. Just a little more– Her hand finally grasped the apple. Her foot slipped. She was weightless. She screamed, closing her eyes shut. A grunt from the impact. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t hurt.
“What are you doing?” A deep voice vibrated around her. She slowly pried open her eyes. She was in Conrad’s arms. He was glaring down at her with his stony facade.
She stared at the apple that was clutched in her hands. Her cheeks becoming hot. “I was trying to get some apples.”
“I can see that.” His voice held his usual ‘I’m not amused’ tone. “You abandon your guards to come out here and pick apples? Are you purposefully trying to find ways to trouble me?” She shook her head back and forth. Her hair fanning out from the swift movement. “Then what were you thinking?”
“I–” She fiddled with the apple, still in his arms. “I wanted to apologize to you for the trouble I caused yesterday.”
The usually stoic man was stunned. Bafflement clearly on his face as he stared down at her, his mouth ajar. “You are an idiot.” He glanced away, his cheeks holding a slight tinge to them.
He placed her feet onto the ground. She couldn’t meet his eye. “Sorry.” She apologized to the ground.
“It’s alright.” He patted her on the head in praise. His hand was warm. “They look delicious.” He picked one out of the basket, biting into it. “Applelogy accepted.” He spoke between mouthfuls.
Unable to help herself, she laughed at the terribly cheesy pun.

Dream Cast

To Betray My King Dream Cast:

Prince Roland: Channing Tatum
Conrad: Channing Tatum with a five-o-clock shadow
King Albert: Channing Tatum with a beard
King William: Channing Tatum with a longer beard
Princess Arianna: Channing Tatum with a brown wig

Oh wait, I’m thinking of the wrong dream…

This is probably what you wanted:

Prince Roland: Chris Hemsworth
Conrad: Henry Cavill
Princess Arianna: Jennifer Lawrence
Vallagress: Millie Bobby Brown

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About the Author

I’ve been writing half of my life, starting at the ripe old age of 13. Back then my favorite pass time was doodling in class, sleeping in class, and studying tests or homework that was due the next class period. But by night I lead a secret life. I would go home, turn on my computer, and get on my dialup Internet (which makes me sound really old) and I would write. At first it was for fun. I was brave back then and posted everything online. In the 14 years I have been writing, I have posted over 1.5 million words, all of which is still available to read for free. My most well known story being “Fun ‘N’ Games at Ouran”. A year or so ago I posted a one-shot that was 50k-60k in words. Afterwards, I looked at it laughing, and said to myself “I think I would like to get paid for this now” and then ‘To Betray My King’ was born. It seems so simple as I’m sitting here, typing this for you to read, but it’s the truth. ‘Betray’ is my first book, but it won’t be my last. I love writing. I would never give it up for anything in the world.

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