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Life Series Book Tour & Giveaway

Futuristic, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Tesmur Publishing
Publication Date: Oct 7, 2015
Pages: 344
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About the Book

Tragedy places the soldier in StPatrick’s complex, determination to be someone of use keeps her within its walls. When she finally takes her first breaths of freedom, the soldier is sucked back into military servitude. Her long, violent capture and imprisonment by Rochester sets her path of physical and psychological terror.

Under his rule, she learns the depth of her own depravity, and how far she can go before she threatens to lose herself. But when Tomlin and his team rescues her, she discovers a new threat in the life she chooses to lead.

As the pages of her genetically-altered history are revealed, the soldier finds the key to achieving her new goal: revenge.

It’s unfortunate it might just kill her in the end.


He considered my flesh, running his fingertips down the length of my thigh as he nodded and tapped my flank just below one of my tribal tattoos. I saw him lift his cigar to his lips, puffing a few times, then watched him lower the cigar to the item he held. Within seconds, the tip was red. My eyes grew large as I realized what it was.

“Only for a moment,” Rochester re-emphasized as he brought the small trinket to my thigh, meeting my gaze with his filled with enjoyment.

I screamed as the brand dug into my fat, cooking the skin and membranes below. My body convulsed, my muscles twitching and fighting despite the increasing tightness of the muscular man’s hold on me. I broke out into a cold sweat, muscles quivering from pain, my mouth tasting bile as I held back sickness.

Finally, Rochester took the brand away, tearing skin as it lifted off. He lowered his head to below where I could see him and I could feel his warm breath as he blew on the mark. I stiffened in response, the area smarting. I could already feel the slow continuation of heat as the burn sensation spread.

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Futuristic, Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Tezmur Publishing
Publication Date: May 4, 2016
Pages: 359
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About the Book

With the resolve of a child who had grown too much to return home, Seleah stayed away from StPatrick’s complex for twelve years after her devastating abduction and rescue from criminal mastermind Rochester’s clutches. When her former lover and friend, Tomlin, calls with the news of her beloved mentor’s demise, however, she decides to come back to the school and her course is altered dramatically.

Tomlin can’t stand being away from Seleah any longer. He wants her, needs her to return for good. His stupidity was almost his downfall. Now, life has given him a second chance.

But with their reunion comes jealousy and hatred from an outside source, threatening to kill them both and the new life they are seeking.

The pair must learn to accept each other once more; to heal wounds and scars alike, and decide if their paths can really exist together forever. Passion, sadness, violence, and the resiliency of love await in Life’s Hope.

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About the Author

By day Rebekah Raymond is simply Becca–Medical Claims Adjudicator, Academic Strategist, wife and mother of two. By night, she is Rebekah Raymond, Calgary writer of thriller/horror, romance, science fiction and fantasy.

Raymond is the author of the thriller Life’s Defeat (Oct 2015) and Life’s Hope (May 2016) with the third and fourth installments coming out in 2017.

Raymond is a proficient writer, working at her writing for 1-3 hours nightly. She attributes her wildly disconnected plots and vivid characters to automatic and dissociative writing.

She is a member of NaNoWriMo and the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society.

Connect with Rebekah
Website | Facebook | Amazon | GoodReads | Twitter


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Beyond Reason Book Tour & Giveaway

Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: May 30, 2014
Pages: 400
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About the Book

New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin raises chills as danger stalks a woman determined to make it in a man’s world . . .

Five weeks ago Carly Drake stood at her grandfather’s grave. Now she’s burying Drake Trucking’s top driver, and the cops have no leads on the hijacking or murder. Faced with bankruptcy, phone threats and the fear of failure, Carly has to team up with the last man she wants to owe—Lincoln Cain.

Cain is magnetic, powerful, controlling—and hiding more than one secret. He promised Carly’s granddad he’d protect her. The old man took a chance on him when he was nothing but a kid with a record, and now he’s the multi-millionaire owner of a rival firm.

But Linc’s money can’t protect Carly from the men who’ll do anything to shut her down, or the secrets behind Drake Trucking. If she won’t sell out, the only way to keep her safe is to keep her close . . . and fight like hell.


The clerk walked up to the counter, gray-haired and slightly bent. Daisy Johnson had worked at the sheriff’s office since Linc was a kid.

“Well, if it ain’t Lincoln Cain,” she said. “I saw in the paper a few years back you’d bought the old Blackland Ranch, but last I heard, you were stayin’ out of trouble.”

Linc grinned. The old woman was a pistol. “I do my best, Miss Daisy.” He turned. “This is Carly Drake, Joe Drake’s granddaughter.”

“Hello, Daisy,” Carly said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“You, too. Your granddaddy was a real good man.”

“Thank you. Yes, he was.”

“We need to talk to the sheriff about the Hernandez murder,” Linc said.

Daisy’s face wrinkled into a frown. “Bad business, that. I’ll tell Sheriff Howler you’re here.”

The shuffle of boots drew their attention. “No need, Daisy–I got eyes.” Howler ambled out of his office, tipped up his chin as a signal to Linc. “You want to talk, you and the little lady come on back.”

Linc caught the stiffness that crept into Carly’s shoulders. Looked like Joe’s granddaughter was going to get along with the sheriff about as well as Linc and her grandpa had. If they weren’t there to find a killer, he might have smiled.

They followed Howler into his office and he sat down in the chair behind his desk. “What can I do for you?”

Carly spoke up. “I want to know what you’re doing to find the men who murdered Miguel Hernandez.”

Howler leaned forward across his desk. “Don’t get yourself in a fret. We’re gonna find ‘em. Just takes time. This ain’t San Francisco, little lady.” He flashed Cain a sneer. “It ain’t Dallas, neither. Our deputies have been out there asking questions, following up leads. But nobody saw nothin’ and there ain’t no sign of the truck.”

“What about the crime scene?” Linc asked. “Surely some kind of forensic evidence turned up where the body was found.”

Howler shook his head. “Just because you spent time behind bars, don’t make you an expert on the law.”

Linc ignored a shot of irritation. He and Howler had a history and it wasn’t a good one. His gaze went to Carly. No surprise in those big blue eyes. Clearly, she had done her homework before he’d shown up for yesterday’s meeting. She knew he’d been in prison but instead of disapproval, she was glaring at the sheriff.

“There’s no need for you to be rude, Sheriff Howler. Mr. Cain asked you a question that deserves an answer. I’d like to hear it myself.”

Howler grunted. “Truth is, we didn’t find much of anything. The morning Hernandez’s body was discovered, it had rained off and on during the night. Any DNA evidence was washed away.”

Linc thought of the detective he had hired. He wanted answers. He didn’t figure he’d get them from Howler and so far he was right.

“Who found him?” Carly asked.

“Man and his wife driving back to Dallas from a visit to their folks in Texarkana. They’d pulled off to the side of the road to let their dog out to take a leak. Dog must have scented the body on the other side of the road. Hernandez had been dead a while by then.”

Carly glanced away.

“What’s the coroner give for time of death?” Linc asked.

“Between eleven and one a.m. You can talk to Doc Bradshaw yourself if you’d like.”

“Consuelo said she got a phone call from Miguel about eleven,” Carly said. “He was fueling up at a truck stop a few miles south of Dallas. He told her he’d be home a little after midnight.”

“Seventy miles to Iron Springs from Dallas,” Linc said. “No traffic that time of night. Looks like the coroner got it right.”

The sheriff picked up a pen on his desk and began to click it open and closed. “I know you want those bastards caught and so do I. But standing here jawing about it ain’t gonna help. I need to get back to work.”

Carly ignored him. “From the start, you’ve assumed there was more than one hijacker. Why is that?”

“Found traces of where a vehicle had been parked in front of the body. We think Hernandez pulled over to the side of the road behind the car, someone pretending to have engine trouble. He got out and walked up to the vehicle. Whoever it was, shot him, stole the truck and drove away. Since the car was gone, too, someone else had to have been driving it.”

“I’d like to take a look at the reports,” Linc said. “Coroner’s, deputies’, any statements that were taken, everything you’ve got.”

The sheriff came out of his chair. “That ain’t gonna happen. You got no business in this and that’s the way it’s gonna stay.”

Linc clenched his teeth to keep from saying something he’d regret.

Carly walked up to the desk, leaned over and got right in Howler’s face. “Miguel Hernandez worked for me, Sheriff. That makes his death my business. I want to see those reports.”

The sheriff’s jaw went tight. “Now listen here, little lady–“

“My name is Carly or you can call me Ms. Drake.” Those big blue eyes were spitting fire. Linc could almost see Joe’s blood pumping through her veins.

“If you don’t want more trouble than you’ve already got,” she said, “you’ll let me see those files.”

Howler’s face went beet red. “All right, fine. As a courtesy–and so you’re satisfied there ain’t nothing there–I’ll let you see what’s in the files.”

“I can pick the information up or you can drop it off at my office whenever it’s ready. Just call and let me know.” Carly turned and started walking. “Have a good day, Sheriff.”

They crossed the office together. Linc opened the door, then followed her out of the building, over to her truck.

“I know you want answers,” he said. “So do I. But murder can be a dangerous business. Be better if you didn’t get involved.”

“I don’t trust Howler to do the job.”

“Neither do I. Which is why I’ve hired a private investigator to look into the case. His name’s Ross Townsend. He’s worked for me before so I know he’s good.”

“Has he found anything yet?”

“Not yet, but he’s just getting started. Call me when you get those files. Look them over, then I’ll take a look. Maybe one of us will see something the sheriff missed.”

“All right. But in exchange I expect you to tell me what your investigator finds out.”

Linc shook his head. “Like I said, Carly, you need to stay out of this.”

She cocked a hand on her hip and looked up at him. “By now you must realize that isn’t going to happen.”

Irritation warred with amusement. Amusement won out. “Yeah, I guess I do.” Another of Joe’s traits–she was just as bullheaded. Joe wouldn’t want her involved, but the determined set of her jaw said even Joe wouldn’t have been able to stop her.

Linc jerked open her pickup door and Carly climbed in behind the wheel.

The engine started. He watched the pickup pull onto the road, heading back to Drake Trucking. He checked his watch. Forty-five minutes till his conference call on the tire re-building plant he was trying to open just east of Pleasant Hill. He didn’t have time to think of Carly Drake and he didn’t want to.

He couldn’t deny he was attracted to her, all that sexy blond hair and a body that made a man want to strip her down and take her a dozen different ways.

He knew why Joe had never mentioned him to her over the years. He’d been a hell-raiser even after prison. Nothing illegal by then, but he’d liked to party and he’d liked beautiful women. And he’d had plenty of them. Still did.

Joe had wanted someone special for Carly. He hadn’t wanted an ex-con taking advantage of his granddaughter.

But things were different now. Joe had trusted Linc with Carly’s welfare and that meant keeping her safe.

Even from him.

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About the Author

Kat Martin is the New York Times bestselling author of sixty-five books across multiple genres. Sixteen million copies are in print and she has been published in twenty-one foreign countries, including Japan, France, Argentina, Greece, China, and Spain. Her books have been nominated for the prestigious RITA award and won both the Lifetime Achievement and Reviewer’s Choice Awards from RT Book Reviews.

A resident of Missoula, Montana, Kat is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History. She and her author husband, L.J. Martin, spend their winters in Ventura, California. She is currently writing her next Romantic Suspense.

Connect with Kat

Website | Twitter | Good Reads | BookBub | Amazon


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Reightman & Bailey Series Book Tour & Giveaway

Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date: March 30, 2016
Pages: 338
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In this first book of the Reightman & Bailey Series, deceit, corruption and murder tangle together with vivid, unconventional characters in a story of unlikely new friendships and their power to change us.

Things are going well at the Time Out Spa, but the night young proprietor Toby Bailey discovers his former lover naked and dead on a massage table, more things are spoiled than just his white leather shoes. Detective Melba Reightman and partner, Sam Jackson are called in to investigate and soon become embroiled in the most perplexing homicide case seen in years.

After a Hunting knife engraved with Toby’s name is found in a pile of wet, bloody laundry, he’s arrested for the murder of Geraldo Guzman. He enlists the aid of Madame Zhou Li, practicing attorney and owner of Green Dragon Chinese Herbs and Teas. The peculiar octogenarian seems an unlikely choice to defend him, but has a few tricks up her sleeve. Toby joins forces with Reightman and Jackson and a shocking string of clues leads them closer to the killer. The bad news? Successfully solving the crime might unleash a firestorm on this southern city, and come with a price none of them are prepared to pay.

THE FIRST THING Toby Bailey remembered thinking when he turned on the lights and stepped into the larger of the two treatment rooms was, “Oh shit!” Nothing else. No other reaction. Just one, simple, two word expletive phrase. The second thing he remembered thinking was that he’d never get all the blood out of the new Italian white suede loafers, on which he’d blown his non-existent shoe budget for the next several months.

The blood in question pooled in large, sticky puddles on the neutral bamboo floors, embellished by random, lurid accent spatters on the matte light café mocha walls and the strategically placed lush tropical plants. It wasn’t a good look for the room which had previously been his favorite in the Time Out Spa.

Toby stood in place; one hand still slapped against the brushed chrome switch plate, and took in the gore. Three glistening puddles of diminishing size were linked by bloody streams, leading his gaze to a massage table and the body arranged on top of a pile of blood soaked, sky blue sheets. The only sound was the gentle, but steady rhythm of blood dripping from the table’s edge to join the rest on the floor. He didn’t even hear himself breathe. He eventually realized he was, in fact, holding his breath.

He inhaled, and then exhaled. “Jeez-us!” he exclaimed, catching the metallic smell of blood, bodily fluids, and something else. Fear maybe. He’d read somewhere that fear had an actual smell.

Toby considered rushing to the body on the table. After all, his shoes were beyond help. However, he stayed frozen in place. There was no need to rush. He could tell from where he stood the dead man on the table was already beyond help – ruined, just like the white suede on his feet.

“Stop thinking about the shoes, Toby!” he told himself. “Focus!”

Even from across the room, he could easily identify the body. Geraldo Guzman – or Geri, as he liked to be called – was laid out in well-toned, naked splendor, with a shock of black hair falling against his now ivory cheek and jaw. His green eyes stared directly at Toby, vacant and empty, and light reflected off the single diamond stud in his left ear and the silver Star of David hanging from the thick chain on his neck. He looked peaceful, if you ignored the stark, angry gashes scattered across his body, the slowly trickling blood, and the open eyes.

The third thing Toby remembered thinking was he’d better call the police.

He took a deep breath, and carefully bracing himself against the doorframe, lifted first his right foot, and then his left, out of his ridiculously expensive footwear. He turned carefully to make his way to the phone by the reception desk in the front room, shocked and disturbed by what he’d discovered. He hadn’t yet allowed himself to remember the worst thing of all. He hadn’t let himself remember the feeling of grief.

Done Rubbed Out. Copyright © 2016 by Jeffery Craig Schwalk

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Mystery, Crime, Thriller
Publisher: KDP
Publication Date: April 8, 2016
Pages: 338
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In this second Reightman & Bailey thriller, Detective Melba Reightman is distraught over the murder of her friend and partner, Sam Jackson. The Guzman murder case has been closed, but she knows the real killer is still out there somewhere. Toby Bailey’s discovery of a set of incriminating photos proved there were more people involved in Geri Guzan’s death than just Dr. Lieberman, but getting anyone to listen is more of a challenge than she’d ever imagined. She’s going to need help convincing the powers that be that the case needs to be reopened, but she’ll find a way to do it. It’s the only choice she has if she wants to discover who’s behind it all.

Toby’s still struggling with Geri’s death and the shock at having been the target of a hitman. Detective Jackson took the bullet meant for him and saved his life, and he doesn’t understand how things could have gone so very wrong. No one should have known about the evidence Geri left behind, but it’s the only explanation that makes any sense. He has a hunch things are going to get worse, so he’ll just have to pull up his pants and get on with whatever needs to be done to help Detective Reightman figure things out.

And as for John Brown? He’s just worried he won’t get paid after botching the hit on Toby, and can’t help wondering what will happen next. It wasn’t really his fault. Mistakes were bound to happen when things got complicated, but who knew this would be such a hard job?

Things are heating up in this southern city.

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Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Publication Date: April 28, 2017
Pages: 419
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In Skin Puppet: Reightman & Bailey Book Three, the whole gang from Capital Street is back and almost ready for business. It’s just two weeks until The Reightman & Bailey Agency officially opens, but Melba Reightman and Toby Bailey have things pretty much under control. After the horrific events of the last six months, things are starting to feel normal again.

An inconvenient lisp from a busted lip isn’t slowing Toby down, but it makes him sound embarrassing like a cartoon character. And there’s the whole awkward situation with Jon Chiang. One minute Zhou Li’s nephew is cold and distant, and the next minute…well, Toby could swear the guy might be interested in something more. It’s all very confusing.

Melba’s got her hands full completing last minute paperwork so they can open for business. There’s the huge stack of invitations Madame Zhou dropped off, all needing to be hand-addressed. Melba doesn’t see the need for a huge grand opening party, but there’s no point in arguing with the bossy owner of Green Dragon. To top things off, Zhou Li is strongly hinting that Melba needs a new dress.

With so much going on, the reports of children missing from the local area haven’t really registered on anyone’s radar. The single flyer posted by a desperate mother looking for her daughter was disturbing, but it’s really a matter for the local police, not the Reightman & Bailey Agency. Right?

Wrong. Things are never that easy.

WARNING: This novel deals with mature subject matter.

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Jeffery Craig is the writing pseudonym of the author, used for fictional works. Jeffery resides in the southeastern United States and shares his life with his husband and partner, and a menagerie of much-loved pets. For several years, he worked as a executive providing technology and consulting services to help clients meet business needs. He’s an avid supporter of the arts and co-owns a local art gallery/gift store that provides an outlet for area artists to showcase and sell their works.

When he isn’t writing, he might be found working on a painting or enjoying the covered front porch of his historic southern home with a good book in hand.

Connect with Jeffery

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Amazon | Good Reads

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Strawberries Book Tour & Giveaway

Thriller, Suspense
Publisher: Ten of Swords Publishing
Publication Date: April 30, 2016
Pages: 400
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Strawberries is the name he has been given.

When they let him out, they had no way of knowing what he was. A psychopath. A killer. The body count is at twenty already, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Agent Harry Bland can’t see one anyway. He doesn’t have a single clue to go on. It doesn’t help that his mind won’t focus. His heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Half way across the country, Sylvia is in a different state of mind. When she isn’t selling sex to the rich, she is doing her best to disappear. She lives a life of assumed names, one night stands, and a constant stream of narcotics.

Sylvia has heard of Strawberries. Of course she has. So has everyone who has turned on the television or surfed the net. Yet, she has no way of knowing just how much his life will affect hers.

Seedy hotels, cross country truckers looking for the meaning of life, homemade pie, a reporter with her own secret agenda, obscenely expensive champagne, and plenty of spilled blood await our cast. But make sure to read fast…..Strawberries has killed number 21.

A little Koontz, a splash of Palahniuk, and a pinch of Robbins. Strawberries is sure to make you wince as well as smile.

Where to Buy


Casey Bartsch lives in a tiny Texas town called Belton. He has yet to meet any of his neighbors, or travel farther than the grocery store. He doesn’t eat healthy foods, and is therefore a bit rotund. His girlfriend loves him anyway, and that works out well.

Casey often struggles to find the time to write. That is a lie. The time is plentiful. He just has a hard time choosing to write when other, less mentally taxing activities are available. He feels a great deal of regret each time he makes this wrong choice.

Casey spends an obscene amount of time trying to figure out why people do what they do, why he does what he does, and how long it might take before the world implodes in on itself and leaves him stranded on a small rock floating through the emptiness of space.

Connect with Casey

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Featured Author · Spotlight Interview

Featured Author: Brett Arquette

Wednesday Spotlight

Thriller, Military, Young Adult
Publication Date: November 15, 2016
Pages:  354
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About the Book

Marshall Hail was a husband, a father, a Physics Nobel prize winner and industrial billionaire. But when Hail’s family was killed in a terrorist attack, he became a predator and redirected his vast industrial assets toward one goal, removing every person on the FBI’s Top 10 Terrorist list. With the help of his MIT colleagues, Hail designed and built a devastating arsenal of attack drones of all shapes and sizes that are flown by the nation’s best young gamers. The world will come to realize that Marshall Hail possesses the capability of getting to anyone, anywhere, at any time, unleashing an operation so disturbing that the CIA has named it Operation Hail Storm.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

The middle child of five, I was born in 1960 and anointed with my mother’s pen name “Duncan”, given to me by award-winning author Lois Duncan. During her career, my mother Lois wrote 48 best-selling young adult books, some of which have been made into movies, including the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Hotel for Dogs”. I was raised in New Mexico and moved to Florida on my 30th birthday. Writing on the weekends, my first book, “Deadly Perversions”, was published in 2002. My additional titles are “Seeing Red”, “Tweaked”, “The Pandemic Diary” and “Soundman for a B-Band”. My newest book is an adventure into Young Adult writing with a series of “HAIL” books with the first one called “Operation Hail Storm. I currently reside in the Sunshine State with my wife and three children.

What inspired you to write?

My Mother inspired me to write. She cranked out 48 books during her lifetime and was still able to run a family with five children. I really had no business writing, since I had no background novel writing in High School or College. But after I wrote my first book, I came to the realization that I could do it and I was hooked.

Has having a famous best-selling author as a Mother opened doors for you in your writing career.

Yes and no. By dropping her name, I can every once in a great while get a book read by an agent that would have never bothered without my family pedigree. However, past that, every book will live or die on its own merits. And the publishing business has change 180 degrees since my Mother published her first book. I am writing a multipart blog on my website about just that subject.

What inspired your novel?

I had written many novels with adult themes, but had never written a book that was written for teens. My Mother had made a career writing almost exclusively for teens, so I knew there was an audience out there. One day, my son came home from middle school and told me that his teacher was reading his class “Rainbow Six”, a classic special ops book by Tom Clancy. Unfortunately, they had to stop reading the book due to too many profanities in the novel. At the time, I was really enjoying reading special ops books, such as “The Gray Man” series by Mark Greaney. I couldn’t recall anyone writing special ops books for young adults that could be read in the classroom that had no profanity and G rated violence. Six months later, wa-la, OPERATION HAIL STORM received the last typed words “The End”.

What is the genre?

The genre would be classified as a Thriller, but it has a military feel to it. Since it was written for teens, I also wanted to add some educational information. So there is the potential for math, social studies, geography and science workbooks that could accompany the CLASSROOM edition.

What draws you to this genre?

I love reading fast paced books. You know, lots of action and if you skip a dozen pages, you probably missed something important. Thrillers should thrill throughout the book; not just at the beginning or the end. And I think I accomplished that with OPERATION HAIL STORM. I also feel when I’m writing for teens, I am going up against video games and video and movies and music, all competing for their attention. So I’ve got to keep the story moving, creating action in scenes where you would not expect action elements.

How did you develop your plot and your characters?

During the past few years I’ve been reading the magazine called the MIT Review. There is some crazy complicated science that is being discussed in that publication, and one of those topics was about a new design of a nuclear reactor called the traveling wave reactor. This is the type of technology that is a real game changer for our planet, because these safe reactors burn depleted uranium. The United States alone has enough depleted uranium stockpiled to supply all the energy for our entire planet for the next 10,000 years. Bill Gates currently sits on the board of TerraPower who is prototyping the reactor, so this is real science. Based on that information, I created my main character, Marshall Hail as the person who takes that technology to the next level and brings the traveling wave reactor to market. This makes him a billionaire. But what is a billionaire if he loses his family in a terrorist attack? What does money matter at that point? What matters to Marshall Hail is retribution. Hail is a flawed character and he recognizes his flaws and hates himself for them, but he is still set on using all his resources to bring terrorists to justice. The Marshall Hail form of justice.

What inspired your protagonist?

Marshall Hail lost his family in a future terrorist attack that is called THE FIVE. Five shoulder launched missiles took out five commercial aircraft in five difference countries from five different terrorist groups all within five minutes of each other. Hail was immersed in grief and could no longer go on with business as usual. So he made some significant modifications to his fleet of cargo ships, making each of them command and control centers in which to launch drone strikes anywhere in the world.

What inspired your antagonist?

There are a few difference flavors of antagonists in the novel and each of them has an agenda. There is a beautiful CIA operative Kara Ramey that is assigned to work with Marshall Hail to track down terrorist, but she has her own reasons for doing what she does. Then there is a major arms dealer who was responsible for suppling the missiles to the terrorist groups who shot down the airplanes in THE FIVE. Needless to say, his agenda is markedly different.

What was the hardest part to write in the book?

As I mentioned, I like books with action and I enjoy writing the action elements, but there is always a need to humanize your characters so they have substance and the reader cares about them. Writing the personal parts of each character, how they feel, their background, what makes them tick, those sorts of segments are always hard for me to write because I have to completely change gears. And it is very easy to get carried away with emotional elements and lose the pace of the book.

What was your favorite part of your book to write?

I like writing the technical segments – how the drones fly, how they are designed and assembled. I like writing the dialogue between the engineers and designers and the pilots who will fly the contraptions. Words just seem to flow when I get into that frame of mind.

Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you do besides write?

Sadly, right now part time. I spent most of my career working as the Chief Technology Officer for one of the largest Circuit Court Systems in Florida. In 2002, Computerworld Magazine selected me as one of the “Premier 100 IT Leaders” in the world, describing me as a “visionary” in reference to the cutting-edge technology. My books are peppered with technology acquired from vast experience in advanced computers and audio/video systems. I was also the Editor in Chief of the Court Technology Forum, Contributing Editor for eWeek Magazine, columnist for ComputerWorld and SmartComputing magazines, all of which has helped to create a loyal fan base and lots of traffic on my website. Like most parents, I spend most of my free time with my faimly doing fun stuff.

What are you currently reading?

I am reading some Dean Koontz, love Jack Reacher novels, love the Gray Man series and the John Rain series, and have started reading all of my mother’s books, just to see what I can learn from them.

Who would you say are your favorite authors?

Mark Greaney, Steven King, Robert Crais, Barry Eisler, Dean Koontz, Vince Flynn

How about your favorite books? What would be your top 5?

Any books from my favorite authors.

What are your future projects, if any?

I already have the next three Hail books in the series plotted in my brain. The next one will be called OPERATION HAIL WARNING. And hold on to your seats, because this book is going to BRING IT!

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and your books?

They are welcome to email me a I will also be doing the free Kindle Download off of Amazon for a week as soon as the book posts. Please check my website for the exact dates at

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Yes, when you are writing books, try to put as much description as you can into dialogue. That may mean even adding some sort of confidante character who the lead characters can discuss plot elements. Always be thinking, if this was optioned as a movie, how would the screenplay be written. In some cases, such as the Gray Man series I mentioned, the Gray Man is a loner and barely ever talks to anyone. That creates a big problem when it comes to writing the screenplay. You would be almost starting from scratch.


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Spotlight Interview with author Dominic Adler

Wednesday Spotlight

Genre: Military, Technothriller, Thriller
Publisher: Thistle Publishing
Publication Date: May 4, 2017
Pages: 272
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About the Book

‘Adler’s prose is razor sharp, his characters flawed enough to be believable. A great read.’
Alex Shaw, best-selling author of Cold East.

Cal Winter: Junkie. Murderer. Winner of the Military Cross for Gallantry.

Penniless and desperate, Cal Winter is coerced into working for a band of freelance paramilitaries known as The Firm. After a decade of deniable killing, he plots revenge. Armed with a secret file of The Firm’s dirtiest secrets, Winter returns to London. There he discovers the organisation has evolved into something even worse…

Winter assembles a careworn team of The Firm’s cast-offs and misfits. Their enemy: a ruthless warrior elite, information warfare specialists battle-honed in the West’s ‘Forever Wars’.

From Iceland to the City of London, to the lonely marshes of England’s southern coast, Winter must stop The Firm. Not just to save the country he once scorned, but to fulfill his vow to be a better man.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hi. I’m Dominic Adler. I’m from London and have been writing for eight years. I live with my wife and son and a dog. When I’m not writing I’m cooking, watching movies, drinking beer or gaming (for the record I’m pretty much addicted to ‘Grim Dawn’ at the moment).

What inspired you to write?

It’s a deeply disturbing urge / compulsion – I’m sure other writers know the feeling. Then I got to a point where I was having a rough time with the stuff life hurls at you now and then. Someone suggested I write, if only to get it out of my system. The result was my first novel, which wasn’t published. It did, however, get me an agent and a lot of its DNA is in ‘The Saint Jude Rules.’

What inspired your novel?

Three things. First of all, it’s the final part of a trilogy: I wanted to tie up an existing story in a satisfying way (although my books can be read as standalones too). Secondly, I always wanted to write a technothriller where the technology was something more subtle than a new drone or super-cyborg. In my book, it’s a computer program – what it does is the important thing. Thirdly, current events seem so incredible at the moment, I thought they could easily be the work of a bad guy from the pages of Ian Fleming. I’m offering an alternative explanation, in a classic conspiracy-thriller style.

What is the genre?

My books are thrillers. If we put them in a sub-category, it would be military-espionage-crime (with a side helping of dark / snarky humour). I know that’s not a sub-category but dammit it should be.

What draws you to this genre?

Thrillers were my first love as a reader (closely followed by fantasy / SF). I’m also of that generation of men who grew up with World War II as a strong cultural point of reference – Sunday afternoons watching ‘Where Eagles Dare’ or ‘The Guns of Navarone.’ It’s also a very broad genre a writer can ruthlessly exploit play with. Some great thrillers have barely a shot fired, others (like mine) are a maelstrom of bullets and gore.

How did you develop your plot and your characters?

As a kid I played pen and paper role-playing games like ‘RuneQuest’ and ‘Traveller.’ You always had a character sheet, right? I create one of those for each character, then flesh it out as they develop through the story. Then I draw character maps in a notebook, where ‘x’ is the character and ‘y’ is the plot. I usually envisage plots around a series of set scenes, then work backwards and join them all up. For example, in my first book (‘The Ninth Circle’) I wanted an extended chase sequence at a Chernobyl-type ruined power plant. I also wanted a siege in a country house in the snow. I worked from there. Hopefully, the plot and the characters segue together, like a chemical reaction. I often change one because of the other.

What inspired your protagonist?

Cal Winter is fundamentally a good man trapped in a bad guy’s body. He’s Elric of Melniboné with a Glock instead of a big black soul-stealing sword (and like Elric, Cal sometimes needs chemical sustenance to keep going). His story arc is about reconciling his predilection for violence (the only thing he’s good at) versus redemption, and to be seen as the better man. He’s fixated on revenge, but is dimly aware it’s unlikely to solve anything. I’ve actually met one or two people a little like Cal, combat veterans. They wanted to do the right thing when they joined the military. Then their country asks them to do things they never expected to do. To make things worse, when they obey, they are abandoned and ostracized. I thought that was an interesting starting point for a character.

What inspired your antagonist?

The most important bad guy is a visionary, spurned by his bosses in the American military establishment. He’s charismatic, physically powerful but megalomaniacal. He was partly inspired by Colonel Kurtz from ‘Apocalypse Now.’

What was the hardest part to write in the book?

The Prologue. I always have one, mainly because (a) I love the scenes at the start of a Bond movie where you see 007’s last mission and (b) I use them to pick out some themes about the characters, not least for people who might not have read the other books. This one takes us back to Cal’s first assassination gig. It took a lot of time to get right, making sure the characters, timelines etc. all worked in the context of a trilogy.

What was your favourite part of your book to write?

There’s a scene where Cal and his wingman interrogate two maths geniuses about a complex economic modelling program. Getting the banter between two combat grunts and two scientists right was fun.

Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you
do besides write?
I write part-time. I worked in law enforcement for many years, so I’ve done my time sitting on a roof watching people through a pair of binoculars.

What are you currently reading?

‘Kings of the Wyld’ by a new Canadian author called Nicholas Eames. It’s a fantasy-comedy that really reminds me of the movie ‘A Knight’s Tale’ with Heath Ledger. Imagine a game of Dungeons & Dragons where the heroes get treated like rock stars. It’s great fun. And it’s got a character called Arcandius Moog. Which is cool.

Who would you say are your favourite authors?

Off the top of my head… Jack Higgins, Tim Willocks, Michael Moorcock, Philip Kerr, Len Deighton and Joe Abercrombie.

How about your favourite books? What would be your top 5?

You love tough questions, don’t you? The following would get me through a stint on a desert island: The Eagle has Landed (Jack Higgins), The Religion (Tim Willocks), The Heroes (Joe Abercrombie), Bomber (Len Deighton), The Hawkmoon cycle (Michael Moorcock).

What are your future projects, if any?

I’ve got a short story coming out soon, in a charity anthology for Alzheimer’s research. It’s been put together by Brit indie author Ryan Bracha and is called ‘The Twelve Lives of Frank Peppercorn.’ There’s also a Cal Winter 4 planned, but it’s tricky as the central premise of the stories changes in the new book. Then there’s my post-apocalyptic detective thriller with superhumans, Communists and a Die Hard vibe (rewrite number 15 ongoing ha ha). I’ve also got a US-based novel about a former female CIA extradition agent. Lurking in my mind is also a fantasy / spy mashup.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and
your books?

Facebook is my number one writer’s interface with the world. And according to my page management tool, I’m ‘very responsive!’ Find me at

I’m also on Goodreads, which I enjoy.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

It sounds obvious, but you’ve got to write. A lot. And the more you write, the better you’ll get. The better you get at the technical side, the more your awesome ideas come to life on the page. I’d also get in the habit of people-watching and making notes. I’ll give you an example – the other day I was on a busy train, and noticed a woman putting on her makeup in a certain way (because she was crushed by other commuters, it reminded me of someone eating one of those tiny meals on an airplane). I later made a note of the order she did it, and the facial expressions she made. It was a very human moment, and one day it might end up in a book.

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Remnants Book Tour & Giveaway

Brandon Fisher FBI Series, Book 6
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: April 11, 2017
Pages: 264
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All that remains are whispers of the past…

When multiple body parts are recovered from the Little Ogeechee River in Savannah, Georgia, local law enforcement calls in FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher and his team to investigate. But with the remains pointing to three separate victims, this isn’t proving to be an open-and-shut case.

With no quick means of identifying the victims, building a profile of this serial killer is proving more challenging than usual. How is the killer picking these victims? Why are their limbs being severed and bodies mutilated? And what is it about them that is triggering this killer to murder?

The questions compound as the body count continues to rise, and when a torso painted blue and missing its heart is found, the case takes an even darker turn. But this is only the beginning, and these new leads draw the FBI into a creepy psychological nightmare. One thing is clear, though: the killing isn’t going to stop until they figure it all out. And they are running out of time…

**Can easily be read as a standalone!!**

Excerpt from the Prologue of Remnants (Brandon Fisher FBI series):


THE TIME HAD COME TO select his next victim. He had to choose carefully and perfectly—he wouldn’t get a second chance. The mall was teeming with life, and that made for a lot of eyeballs, a lot of potential witnesses. But he supposed it also helped him be more inconspicuous. People were hustling through the shopping center, interested solely in their own agendas. They wouldn’t be paying him—or what he was doing—much attention.

He was standing at the edge of the food court next to the hallway leading to the restrooms eating a gyro. The lidded and oversized garbage bin on wheels that was behind him would ensure that anyone who did notice him would just think he was a mall janitor on his lunch break.

The pitchy voice of a girl about eight hit his ears. “Daddy, I want ice cream.”

Trailing not far behind her were a man and woman holding hands. The woman was fit and blond, but his attention was on the man beside her. He was in his twenties, easily six feet tall with a solid, athletic build. He’d be strong and put up a fight. Yes, this was the one. And talk about ideal placement—he was across from the Dairy Queen.

He wiped his palms on his coveralls and took a few deep breaths. What he was about to do wasn’t because of who he was, but rather, because he had to do it.

And he had to hurry. The family was coming toward him.

“It’s almost lunchtime,” the woman said, letting go of the man’s hand.

“Daaaaaaddyyyyy.” A whiny petition.

The man looked to the woman with a smile that showcased his white teeth. “We could have ice cream for lunch?”

The little girl began to bounce. “Yeah!”

“Really, Eric?” The woman wasn’t as impressed as the girl, but under the man’s gaze she caved and smiled. “All right, but just today…”

“Thank you, Mommy!” The girl wrapped her arms around the woman’s legs but quickly let go, prancing ahead of her parents and toward the DQ counter.

“Brianna, we wash our hands first.” The woman glanced at him as she walked by and offered a reserved smile. Had she detected his interest in them?

Breathe. She thinks you work here, remember?

Smile back.

Remain calm.

Look away and act uninterested.

“Oooh,” the girl moaned but returned to her mother anyway.

“We’ll just be a minute,” the woman said.

“Hey, doesn’t Daddy have to wash his hands?” the girl asked.

Sometimes things just work out…

The woman smiled at the man. “Eric?”

“Yes, he does,” he playfully answered in the third person.

Mother and daughter headed to the restroom, the man not far behind.

It was time to get to work.

He took the last bite of his sandwich, crumpled the wrapper, and tossed it into the bin. He casually moved behind it and pushed it down the hall into the men’s room.

He put up a sign that said it was closed for cleaning and entered, positioning himself next to the door. From there, he could see his target at one of the urinals and another man washing his hands at the sink. Otherwise, it was quiet.

Just as if it was meant to be…

The stranger left the restroom without a passing glance. This left him alone with his target.

He twisted the lock on the door and then moved behind the man, who paid him no mind. He took the needle out of his pocket and plunged it into the man’s neck.

The man snapped a hand over where he’d been poked. “Hey!”

It would take a few seconds for the drug to fully kick in. He just had to stay out of the man’s way and block the exit in the meantime.

“What did you…” The man was away from the urinal now, coming toward him on unsteady legs. Both his hands went to his forehead and then it was lights-out. He collapsed on the floor.

He hurried to the bin, wheeled it over to the man’s body, and lifted him just enough to dump him inside. Once the man was in there, he lowered the lid, unlocked the restroom, collected his sign, and left.

His heart was thumping in his ears as he wheeled the bin out a back service door. Some people were milling around, but they didn’t seem curious about him. He went to his van and opened the back door. He put the ramp in place and simply wheeled the bin inside.

When he was finished, he closed the doors and headed for the driver’s seat. He wanted to hit the gas and tear out of the lot. The adrenaline surging through his system was screaming, You got away with it again, but he didn’t like to get too cocky.

Still, he did take some pride in the fact that he’d gotten what he’d come for—and it had been so, so easy.

Where to Buy

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | Google Play

Series Information

What to expect from the Brandon Fisher FBI series:

Profilers. Serial killers. The hunt is on. Do serial killers and the FBI fascinate you? Do you like getting inside the minds of killers, love being creeped out, sleeping with your eyes open, and feeling like you’re involved in murder investigations? Then join FBI agent and profiler Brandon Fisher and his team with the Behavioral Analysis Unit in their hunt for serial killers.

This is the perfect book series for fans of Criminal Minds, NCIS, Silence of the Lambs, Seven, Dexter, Luther, and True Crime.

Read in any order or follow the series from the beginning.

Find the series on Amazon!

CAROLYN ARNOLD is an international best-selling and award-winning author, as well as a speaker, teacher, and inspirational mentor. She has four continuing fiction series—Detective Madison Knight, Brandon Fisher FBI, McKinley Mysteries, and Matthew Connor Adventures—and has written nearly thirty books. Her genre diversity offers her readers everything from cozy to hard-boiled mysteries, and thrillers to action adventures.

Both her female detective and FBI profiler series have been praised by those in law enforcement as being accurate and entertaining, leading her to adopt the trademark: POLICE PROCEDURALS RESPECTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT™.

Carolyn was born in a small town and enjoys spending time outdoors, but she also loves the lights of a big city. Grounded by her roots and lifted by her dreams, her overactive imagination insists that she tell her stories. Her intention is to touch the hearts of millions with her books, to entertain, inspire, and empower.

She currently lives just west of Toronto with her husband and beagle and is a member of Crime Writers of Canada.

Connect with Carolyn

Website | Newsletter | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Author Page | Good Reads

Paperback Copy of Violated (Brandon Fisher Series #5)

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Spotlight Interview with author V.S. Kemanis

Wednesday Spotlight

Short stories, Thriller, Mystery, Romance
Publisher: Opus Nine Books
Publication Date: May 1, 2017
Pages: 304
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About the Book

Loves big and small, crimes forgiven or avenged. These are the themes that drive the eleven diverse stories in this new collection of psychological suspense from storyteller V.S. Kemanis.

Meet the husband and wife team Rosemary and Reuben, master chefs known to sprinkle a dash of magic into every dish. Lucille Steadman, a dazed retiree who can’t explain why she’s left her husband, only to discover, too late, the meaning of love and commitment in the most surprising place. Franklin DeWitt, an esteemed ballet critic who witnesses—or abets?—a bizarre criminal plot to topple a beautiful Soviet ballerina. Rosalyn Bleinstorter, a washed-up defense attorney whose stubborn belief in her own street savvy leads her unwittingly into a romantic and criminal association with an underworld figure.

These are just a few of the colorful characters you’ll get to know in these pages, where all is fair in love and crime. While the endings to these tales are not always sweet or predictable, and self-deception is rarely rewarded, the lessons come down hard and are well learned.

Where to Buy

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple | Smashwords


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?
I grew up in California, went to law school in Colorado, and now make my home in New York. My years of experience in criminal law inspired my legal mystery novels featuring prosecutor Dana Hargrove (Thursday’s List, Homicide Chart, and Forsaken Oath). I also love to write short stories, and Love and Crime includes my latest work. Another passion is dance—I’ve taught, performed, and choreographed contemporary styles and ballet.

What inspired you to write?
I have an active imagination in need of outlet! This is much better than TV.

What inspired your novel?
Love and Crime is a collection of short fiction, each story inspired by a different idea or event. For example, the opening story, “Rosemary and Reuben,” features characters who are challenged emotionally and physically by their heightened senses of smell and taste. The story was inspired by the fact that I’m extremely sensitive to smell.

What is the genre?
Literary short stories of psychological suspense.

What draws you to this genre?
Writing the short form is very satisfying for me because it fits a busy schedule. A complete work can be written quickly. I love language, and every word counts. It’s also a challenge to see how much depth of meaning and emotion can be conveyed in a short work.

How did you develop your plot and your characters?
The stories come to me as small ideas that hang around for weeks, months, or years, either at the back of my mind or on a scrap of paper. They develop gradually, as other events in my life add to the idea over time. At some point, I wake up and say, “I’m ready to write this one!”

What inspired your protagonist?
These eleven short stories feature many protagonists from different walks of life. I’m fascinated by situations involving self-deception or disillusionment. Each protagonist faces a unique challenge of this kind, developing to the point of crisis or leading to revelation and change.

What inspired your antagonist?
My antagonists are people or emotions or doubts that challenge the protagonist to act or change. I’m a big fan of ethical dilemma!

What was the hardest part to write in the book?
The hardest part, always, is the beginning. I tend to write and rewrite the opening lines of every story or novel many times.

What was your favourite part of your book to write?
For every story, the end. I become completely immersed. It’s exciting to reach a resolution or a lesson or a change in the character, and sometimes, the characters lead me to places I hadn’t anticipated.

Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you do besides write?
Part time for now. I work for an appellate court, where I’m a supervising editor.

What are you currently reading?
To the Bright Edge of the World, by Eowyn Ivey, and Glory over Everything, by Kathleen Grissom.

Who would you say are your favourite authors?
In legal thrillers, Adam Mitzner. In literary fiction, Ian McEwan.

How about your favourite books? What would be your top 5?
Homestead, by Rosina Lippi; Atonement, by Ian McEwan; The Snow Child, by Eowyn Ivey; Bel Canto, by Ann Patchett; and Ladder of Years, by Anne Tyler

What are your future projects, if any?
I’m currently working on the fourth novel in the Dana Hargrove legal mystery series.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and your books?
I can always be reached through the contact page on my website,

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? 
If you love to write, persevere. Your craft will steadily improve. Take heed of Ernest Hemingway’s “Iceberg Theory” (sometimes less is more):

“If a writer of prose knows enough of what he is writing about he may omit things that he knows and the reader, if the writer is writing truly enough, will have a feeling of those things as strongly as though the writer had stated them. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one-eighth of it being above water. A writer who omits things because he does not know them only makes hollow places in his writing.”

Featured Author Wednesday · Spotlight Interview

Spotlight Interview with author Alan J. Field

Wednesday Spotlight

Thriller, Romance
Publisher: ThrillRide Media
Publication Date: July 24, 2016
Pages: 340 pages
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Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I’ve always lived in New Jersey, except during a four-year stint at James Madison University and a few years living Manhattan. I transitioned from South Jersey to North Jersey after college and never moved back I had studied music to be a film score composer but ended up working in the music business before graduating from law school. I published a handful of newspaper articles and scholarly works about entertainment and intellectual property law issues. I married my lovely wife in 1998 and we now have one house, two cars and four children. After twenty years of practicing law, I knew it was time to try something new, and well, here I am.

What inspired you to write?

I had–what I thought–was this compelling idea for a story percolating inside my head for more than a couple of years prior to ever putting pen to paper. The Song of Ice and Fire series showed me how to write from multiple POVs, which was the way I wanted to tell this story. However, it was my teen aged daughter who ultimately encouraged me to dive head first into it. It happened right after Christmas day in 2013, when I told her about my plot idea which she adored.

What inspired your novel?

I’m a big fan of nostalgic spy shows from the 1960s, so I wanted to bring some elements of those into my story. One particular quote by Shalom Alechem that lamented the fact that “all scientists do is sell their ideas to murders”.

What is the genre?

I’m touting this as an espionage thriller. But actually, I first thought about this as chick lit! Yes, you heard that right. I front-loaded this tale with so many female characters, I would have liked nothing better than to market it to women. After the first draft, I even had to add male characters to balance it out, having ignored those guys’ character development altogether. I mean, a major plot point exposes the cosmetics industry so it makes sense. However, the dark and militaristic elements of the plot pulled me back to the y chromosome side. So I’d have to say that it’s an espionage/military/psychological/ urban thriller all rolled up into one.

What draws you to this genre?

I revel in all the betrayal, cat and mouse games and slights of hand that occur in these stories. The challenge for a new writer is to make all of these elements feel fresh, rather than like just another cliché.

How did you develop your plot and your characters?

During the initial stage, I focused on two or three critical scenes between the two primary female characters in the story, then built all the other characters, plot and subplots around them. While writing about the characters, I had specific Hollywood actors in mind for most of them.

What inspired your protagonist?

It’s funny you should ask that, because in the story’s original conception, the chemist herself, was the lead protagonist. However, after the first draft, I decided that Daniel Strong should be the primary one, mainly because I felt he would have more sequel potential than any other character.

What inspired your antagonist?

The question really is: which one are you talking about? There are several antagonists in this story who give Daniel trouble, but each one shifts in importance as the plot progresses. So let’s go through them. First, there is Sabir, who I wanted to be “Middle Eastern”, but not an Islamic Terrorist ala ISIS. This was my goal in making him a terrorist with a specific goal, one who had a legitimate beef with a people/country: Israel. Vanessa is a mashup of a few female bosses I’ve had throughout my career. Of course, none of them were as awful as she was, except maybe… . And then there is Joanne, another boss of a different kind. With her, I looked to other male versions of characters in her position from other spy novels I have had the pleasure of reading.

What was the hardest part to write in the book?

Romantic encounters and dialogue to go with it were challenging, to be sure. Mostly it was my attempt to attain an acceptable level of authenticity with the subject of chemistry, as well as in the military chapters that took the most extensive research to get right. I hope I came close.

What was your favourite part of your book to write?

I enjoyed a certain chase on foot chapter that took place underground in the Times Square subway station, an endless maze of tunnels and multiple levels and platforms that I’m most familiar with. The inspiration of this scene is two-fold. First, I had always adored the Audrey Hepburn/Carey Grant movie, Charade, where he chases her through a Paris Metro station. I wanted to attain that level of intensity in the prose. Second, I made a self- imposed pledge to my daughter that I would work in a subway station chase chapter. After all, it is New York City.

Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you do besides write?

Part-time for now. Raising four children and practicing law require a significant time commitment.

What are you currently reading?

The Tomb, by F. Paul Wilson. Next, I’ll move on to The Assassination Complex by Jeremy Scahill. Then, I’ll read The Count of Monte Christo by Alexandre Dumas. I always like to sprinkle in an old classic or a comtemporary work that’s outside the thriller genre, like YA or middle grade stuff my kids are reading.

Who would you say are your favourite authors?

I consciously avoid reading too many books by any one author, for fear of starting to write like them.

How about your favourite books? What would be your top 5?

The Godfather
War and Peace
To Kill a Mockingbird
Storm of Swords (book three of The Song of Ice and Fire series)
The Patient

What are your future projects, if any?

I’m on to writing the second and third installments of the Daniel Strong trilogy. Meanwhile, I’m also drafting a screenplay for The Chemist. I also have an idea for another trilogy about an FBI agent in the future who has to deal with an international assassin as well as her own addiction of an unusual kind.

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and your books?

Email is best for now: or through

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Learn about and utilize all the tools out there on how to promote yourself and your book, start your own publishing company, write what you like, and never, ever give up. It is so worth it!

***Now available in audio book***
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The Good Spy Dies Twice Audio Tour

Mystery, Thriller
Length: 10h 19m
Narrator: Mark Hosack
Publisher: Wide Awake Audio| 2017
Publication Date: January 19, 2017
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About the Book

Jake Boxer, investigative journalist and host of the conspiratorial news show Bullseye, is in serious trouble. Not only is his soundman murdered by Russian intelligence agents while reporting on a secretive New World Order, but his network cancels his show, leaving Jake humiliated and spiraling into a deep dark depression.

Years later, a condemned murderer, who claims he was abandoned by the CIA, and who starred in an early episode of Bullseye, is finally executed for killing two supposed Soviet spies back in the 1970’s.

Jake Boxer, still trying to piece his life back together, is on his honeymoon in a posh ski resort in the Alaskan mountains when he gets word of the inmate’s execution . . . and the old killer’s final words: “The good spy dies twice.”

Those five words, seemingly meant for Jake, draw the ex-reporter from his forced retirement and into a complex and deadly global conspiracy involving his newlywed wife, the secretive New World Order, and the hotel’s hundred or so “guests.”

Everyone is a suspect.

Described as James Bond in a Stephen King novel, THE GOOD SPY DIES TWICE is the explosive first book in the Bullseye Series. Part spy thriller, part whodunit, this fast-paced novel introduces an exciting new hero, the intrepid, conspiratorial journalist, Jake Boxer.

Where to Buy

Audible | Amazon | iTunes

About the Author

Mark Hosack is the author of THE GOOD SPY DIES TWICE (Book 1: The Bullseye Series, nominated for the 2016 RT Source Award), and IDENTITY (Simon & Schuster). He also wrote on the web series SEQUESTERED for Sony Crackle, the screenplay for GIVE ‘EM HELL, MALONE (Thomas Jane, Ving Rhames), and he both wrote and directed the award winning independent film PALE BLUE MOON. Mark lives in Los Angeles with his wife and a brood of gremlins who insist on calling him Dad.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Good Reads


 The Good Spy Dies Twice Giveaway