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Demon’s Blood Cover Reveal

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
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About the Book

Australian teenage demon hunter Tina Storm has been banned from using her lightning vanquish. To earn it back, she has to infiltrate a coven of witches suspected of using illegal blood magic to control people’s minds. Resident witch hottie Lachlan’s sudden interest in her can’t be coincidence – can it? After all, he’s pretty popular with the other girls in the coven – especially Chelsea, who’s decided Tina is evil for stealing her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Tina has to juggle her end of year exams, her demon hunting, and her family as her relationship with Chinese shapeshifting demon Ten deepens. She’s also being hunted by an ancient vampire for the death of the vampire’s offspring. Can Tina solve the blood magic mystery, settle the vampire with a grudge, and soothe her romantic relationships without the help of her powers? How much can one teenage demon hunter take?

Tina Storm: Demon Hunter (the prequel) on Goodreads

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About the Author

 Indie author since 2011 and resolute defender of the Oxford comma, Lissa was born and raised in Australia and writes stories with a distinct feminist slant for readers disillusioned with femininity in traditional commercial literature

Lissa is the author of LIES FOR A LIVING, part 1 of the CHAOS OF STARS serial, and books THE EDGE OF DARKNESS, TINA STORM: DEMON HUNTER, DEMON’S BLOOD, and THE ARCHIVE OF LOST DREAMS. Lissa is also the Episode Interactive author of NO ANGEL, GUARDIAN TRIALS, and THOSE LEFT BEHIND for Pocket Gems.

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Nostalgic Rain Blog Tour

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Midship Publishing
Publication Date: June 27, 2017
Pages: 324
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About the Book

What seventeen-year-old Leland finds in the abandoned basement of his house is something he will never forget.

Leland lost his father when he was seven. Since then, he has successfully adapted to the awful life of being a student, the man of the house, and a father figure to his two younger siblings. All of that changes when he and his best friends stumble upon a secret in his deserted basement, and fall into another dimension with three moons, foggy woods, and an ancient castle-Oremanta.

Learning who he really is, how he came to this remote planet, and the shocking, ugly mystery of Oremanta aren’t as bad as the quest he finds himself obligated to complete-killing someone he never thought he’d meet in Oremanta to save everyone.


Leland’s grandma, glued to her usual spot on the worn rocking chair she’d bought right after Leland’s birth, glimpsed him for a moment and then rolled her eyes back to the TV.

“Where have you been all day?” she complained, switching channels. “Your aunt is here, for God’s sake.”

On the table in the living room sat a cake with ‘Welcome Home’ written on it. The living room was lit by an old, handcrafted chandelier, but it did its job quite well. Leland hugged his aunt. She hadn’t changed much.

“How’s everything?” Leland asked.

“Perfect!” She replied, taking a bite of her cake. “Everything is too perfect!”

“Great. I’m glad.” He took a seat beside her. Fred and Karla were on the ground playing rock, paper, scissors. His grandfather, Richard, was listening to the news, his ears touching the radio’s speaker.

“What about you?” Abbey asked.

“I’m fine,” Leland replied, faking a smile.

“No, he’s not,” Leland’s mother said, cutting cake for Fred and Karla, pretending not to care much about the issue. “Something’s wrong with him. He hardly leaves his room.”

Leland’s face flushed. He felt stupid for not realizing his mother must have felt something was wrong with him. This meant Dylan and Jennifer, his friends, likely also noticed.

“No, it’s just—” Leland said, attempting to fake an excuse.

“Is he always alone?” Abbey asked.

“Almost,” Maria, Leland’s mother, replied.

“And he’s not eating a lot?”


Leland’s heart raced. There’s no way Abbey would know what he’d been through lately. She’d been away, and he made sure no one knew.

“And he doesn’t talk much?” Abbey asked.

“Yeah. Only a little,” Maria answered.

Abbey clapped her hands and cried, “He’s in love!”

All eyes turned toward Leland. But he was relieved. She knew nothing after all. Leland pretended her assumptions were correct. He gazed down and said nothing in reply.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Leland. We’ve all been through this before,” Aunt Abbey said, and then her voice dropped to a whisper. “And don’t chicken out. Women hate that.”

Leland didn’t know how to reply, so, rather awkwardly and loudly enough that everyone stared at him again, he said, “I like her.”

Okay. That’s enough for today. Leland had paid his social dues and now he had to leave. Embarrassed, Leland said, “I gotta go.”

And he went back to his room.


Leland collapsed into his bed with Les Miserables in his hand. He’d bought it a month ago from Harry’s Bookstore, a local shop at the end of the street. Leland read a book or two per year, but he wished he could dedicate more time to reading. He read some pages then put the book on the bedside table. With the lights on and the window opened, Leland dozed off without realizing it. Deep in his sleep, Leland woke up, sweating and trembling in fear. His breath quickened and his heart hammered against his chest. It had happened for the fifth time this week.

Voices—hundreds of thousands of throats—whispered in Leland’s ears and mumbled words he couldn’t understand. And it seemed he was the only one hearing them.

For God’s sake, what the hell is going on?

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About the Author

Medical student, writer & travel passionate.

Connect with A.S.

Website | Twitter | Good Reads


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The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

Book to Movie

This is a new series as I go through the books that were turned into movies that I’ve enjoyed.

Middle Grade/Young Adult, Fantasy, Classics
Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books
Publishing Date: 1997 (originally pub 1979)
Format: Paperback (own copy)
Pages: 396
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My Rating

4.50 Stars

4 half stars

About the Book

This epic work of the imagination has captured the hearts of millions of readers worldwide since it was first published more than a decade ago. Its special story within a story is an irresistible invitation for readers to become part of the book itself. And now this modern classic and bibliophile’s dream is available in hardcover again.

The story begins with a lonely boy named Bastian and the strange book that draws him into the beautiful but doomed world of Fantastica. Only a human can save this enchanted place–by giving its ruler, the Childlike Empress, a new name. But the journey to her tower leads through lands of dragons, giants, monsters, and magic–and once Bastian begins his quest, he may never return. As he is drawn deeper into Fantastica, he must find the courage to face unspeakable foes and the mysteries of his own heart.

Readers, too, can travel to the wondrous, unforgettable world of Fantastica if they will just turn the page….

My Review

Growing up, The Neverending Story (especially the first movie) was part of the collection of movies that would single-handedly corrupt me for life. Labyrinth was the first and foremost, if you needed to know. Haha. No shame in the horrible sobbing because of the loss of Artax. (His death is much different in the book.)
Although I must say that it was the first two Neverending Story movies that enthralled me. The third subsequent movie was not to my taste. Falkor’s voice in it, shudder.

When I learned that the movies had a book, I had spent many years looking for said book. It was on that “if I find it, no matter the price, I will get it” list that I have in my head. This list annoys my dad’s partner because when she asks, I can never think of what is on the list. When I see the books, I know.

Anyhow, in a magic second hand store is where I found The Neverending Story. My friend Jamie and two of his friends and myself had a day of books, comic book stores and really good food. I found my precious in this store, nestled between other classic stories I had very little interest in. I may have squealed a little and danced a small “I found it!” jig. This is entirely out of character for me as I have agoraphobia and social phobia, and was gazed upon with amusement. I do this when I see other shinies that I want. Shiniiiies! (If you play Guild Wars 2, you will understand.)

Book Bastian, is possibly the most unlikable character. While I understand he is neglected emotionally by his father and horribly bullied; he is just the most unattractive of characters. He is spoiled, sullen, and very selfish. As the book goes on, he does become more unlikable. I’m sure he was written that way for the book to shape him but ugh.
The first movie, which features a moderate portrayal of the first half of the book, movie Bastian was much more tolerable. He was more bookish and a little more rebellious in the movie. He wasn’t as insufferably selfish and spoiled. But he was horribly bullied, the poor thing. I enjoyed his vast book knowledge as well.
When the second half of the story came, Bastian was even more insufferable. I guess that is because AURYN was stealing his memories every wish he made, but gah. Even the movie version of Bastian was as terrible. He treated his friends terribly and linked up with the beautiful but dangerous Xayide. The movie’s second half was a very loose portrayal of the second half of the book.
The ending for Xayide in the book was a little dark, but the movie ending was perfect. Especially because she used her charms and trickery to lure Bastian into using AURYN more and more.

Like most fairy tales, each story has a moral to it. The first half of the book talks about a world where children are growing up surrounded by an electronic world and forget about the written worlds. Thus Fantastica/Fantasia begins to disappear into “nothingness”. The werewolf in the movie and book represented the dreaded The Nothing that was devouring the world. In the book it was a being that could walk in both the fantasy world and the human world, and he was to destroy Atreyu to prevent Atreyu and Bastian from finding the cure for the Child-Like Emperess. Although, who the heck names their child Moonchild? At the time of the movie, Bastian’s mother would have been too old for the days of the Hippie’s and their unique names for children.
While the second half of the book and movie, it was a moral of not allowing yourself to get lost and to forget your world. As Bastian lost his memories of his family and life outside Fantastica/Fantasia, but it taught him that his father truly did care for him.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend either the movies or the book for anyone under the age of 8 or 9. Even then, it might be pretty difficult for them to understand. Whoever translated the story from German managed to use words that are difficult to understand, even as an adult. Thank you translator. But I do recommend it as a read for your children. It is a great book to awaken a love of fantasy and because it is a never-ending story, it is one they can go on again and again.

Where to Buy

Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble | Chapters/Indigo

About the Author

 Michael Andreas Helmuth Ende was a German writer of fantasy and children’s literature. He was the son of the surrealist painter Edgar Ende. He died in Stuttgart (Germany) of stomach cancer.

Ende was one of the most popular and famous German authors of the 20th century, mostly due to the enormous success of his children’s books. However, Ende was not strictly a children’s author, as he also wrote books for adults. Ende claimed, “It is for this child in me, and in all of us, that I tell my stories,” and that “[my books are] for any child between 80 and 8 years” (qtd. Senick 95, 97). Ende’s writing could be described as a surreal mixture of reality and fantasy. The reader is often invited to take a more interactive role in the story, and the worlds in his books often mirror our reality, using fantasy to bring light to the problems of an increasingly technological modern society.

Ende was also known as a proponent of economic reform, and claimed to have had the concept of aging money in mind when writing Momo. He was interested in and influenced by anthroposophy. (via GoodReads )



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Angelbound: Scala Audiobook Blog Tour

Genre: Young Adult, Supernatural
Length: 6 hours and 50 minutes
Publisher: Monster House Books LLC
Publication Date: June 26, 2017
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About the Book

Nineteen-year-old Myla Lewis has transformed into Great Scala, the only being with the power to move souls out of Purgatory and into Heaven or Hell. Trouble is, a magical object called Lucifer’s Orb is limiting Myla’s abilities. If she tries to move a soul, the Orb’s forcing her to send that spirit straight to Hell.

So, what’s a girl to do? Send innocents to the fiery down-under?

No way. Myla’s gone on a supernatural strike. No souls go anywhere until the Orb’s history. It’s the right thing to do, but Purgatory’s Soul Storage buildings are turning into time bombs. No spirits are moving out, while millions keep coming in. Myla’s determined to find the Orb and send the innocent to Heaven, but she’s running out of time. Soon, the containment fields will burst, releasing a mob of homicidal ghosts.

With Soul Storage ready to explode, Myla’s got enough on her plate without her old enemy, Lady Adair, causing problems. Adair is launching an ingenious campaign to take away everything that Myla holds dear, including Myla’s Angelbound love, Prince Lincoln.

Between their clever ideas and toe-curling kisses, Myla and Lincoln are fighting back. But will they beat the clock or lose everything to Adair’s devious schemes?

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About the Author

Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick-ass women. In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part-demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory’s Arena and falls in love with a part-angel prince. This young adult best seller has driven more than 500,000 ebook downloads and 9,000 reviews on Goodreads and retailers. It is now available as an audiobook on Audible and iTunes.

Bauer has also told the story of the Women’s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter. Her pre-event press release—the only one sent out on a major wire service—resulted in more than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press.

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

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The Sparks & The Flames Blog Tour

Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Cartwright Publishing
Publication Date: January 31, 2017
Pages: 334
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About the Book

One teen assassin-in-training must unite three warring supernatural dynasties before death comes to them all…

Find out why USA Today calls The Sparks “a crackling read” that “builds a vivid world (both) otherworldly and relatable.”

Neil Vapros just wants to make his father proud. The sixteen-year-old aspires to serve his family as an assassin, but he nearly dies in the process. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Neil’s family, as well as two rival dynasties, have abandoned an ancient promise to protect their city. An unknown evil has begun hunting all three houses from the shadows…

As Neil’s relatives fall one-by-one, he attempts to unite the three supernatural families against a common enemy. But earning trust after years of assassination attempts could prove impossible. Neil’s fight may involve more than a bloodthirsty empire, as betrayal rears its ugly head…

The Sparks is the first book in the award-winning Epic Feud trilogy of young adult fantasy novels. If you like captivating characters, inventive world building, and supernatural battles, then you’ll love Kyle Prue’s action-packed coming-of-age tale.

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Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Cartwright Publishing
Publication Date: April 25, 2017
Pages: 480
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About the Book

To survive incredible odds, one teen may have to trust both his former enemies and his fire-forged destiny…

Neil Vapros is one of the last free warriors of the great city of Altryon. He and his brother’s only chance of staying alive involves trusting an uneasy alliance with their former enemies. But in the world beyond his city’s walls, Neil’s life is much more dangerous than he ever imagined possible…

The Emperor has hired a ruthless madman and a vicious pack of assassins to hunt down the last supernatural survivors. As the allies attempt to hide from their enemies, the leader of a rebellion singles out Neil as the answer to a prophecy. Neil isn’t sure he believes he’s been “chosen,” but he knows one thing for sure: their only chance for survival lies in sticking together. While treachery and pain wait around every corner, Neil and his allies may win the day, but victory without casualties could prove impossible…

The Flames is the second book in the award-winning Epic Feud trilogy of young adult fantasy novels. If you like rich fantasy settings, imaginative supernatural abilities, and tough-as-nails characters, then you’ll love Kyle Prue’s electrifying adventure.

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About the Author

 Kyle Prue is an award winning author, actor and comedian. Kyle wrote The Sparks: Book One of the Feud Trilogy when he was just 16 years old. Kyle has spent the past year on a national book tour visiting over 80 middle and high schools and meeting over 60,000 students. Kyle is now a freshman at the University of Michigan, studying acting and creative writing. He still visits schools and is a keynote speaker for conferences.

Kyle is the founder of Sparking Literacy, a non-profit dedicated to lowering the high school dropout rate by inspiring teens to read, write and follow their dreams. An actor and comedian, Kyle trains at Second City Comedy Club in Chicago, where a number of SNL actors have gotten their start. Kyle currently lives with his family in Petoskey, Michigan.

The Sparks has won numerous national awards including Best Book and Best Fiction for Young Adults 2015. The Sparks was runner up for Best Young Adult Fiction at the Florida Book Festival and won Honorable Mentions at the New England Book Festival, Midwest Book Festival, Southern California Book Festival, the International London Book Festival and won a prestigious Indie Fab award. Kyle also won an International Moonbeam Award for Best Young Author.

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Dawn of the Vie by Laura Diamond

Saturday Review

Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Publication Date: October 3, 2016
Format: ePub
Pages: 276
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4 Stars


Since their Arrival, immortal alien Vie rule the planet. Enslaved humans are their servants, entertainment, and food. Anemies—humans with various types of anemia—are exterminated. Their nutritionally deficient blood is useless to the Vie. Or so it’s thought…

Alex, an Elite Vie, is part scientist, part Raid Specialist, and part drug addict. He knows Anemie blood is valuable—as a drug. Rather than blindly carrying out his boss’s kill order, he spares a few Anemies, not only for study, but also for his own private stock.

The more Anemie blood Alex drinks, the more he slips into delusion, and the more his double life threatens to crumble. But quitting Anemie blood is not an option. There’s no rehab for his condition.

When Alex tastes Justin’s blood, his hallucinations bleed into reality…

Anemie Justin knows he’s living past his expiration date. It becomes a guarantee when he’s bitten by Alex during a raid and infected with the Vie’s toxin. Alex adds insult to injury by promising Justin a second chance—a cure if he agrees to be a lab rat. And a mule…of his own blood.

The only leverage Justin has is a stake and a serious lack of self-preservation.



I received this eBook from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

What if vampiric aliens came to Earth, enslaved the healthy human’s and cast out unhealthy humans to the slums? Well if that was to happen, then the future would be this book.

The Vie control everything, including free will and right down to feeding what the author calls “Anemies.”
Healthy humans are the slaves to the Vie. They are their food source and they take care of their homes. The Anemies are humans who have varying degrees of anemia. Clearly the Vie prefer the hemoglobin in the blood of the humans, so the lack of isn’t as appetizing to them.

In comes Justin, an Anemie, and his little sister Sammie who is also an Anemie. They’re hiding in a building to sleep when the Vie conduct a raid and we’re introduce to Alex, an Elite Vie with a taste for Anemie blood. It is a drug to their kind. It becomes obvious why the Vie then raid the Anemie slums, to replenish their drug habits.

Alex takes Justin’s little sister Sammie, after he bites her and challenges Justin to find him. To which Justin happily does and thus finds out that Alex has more of a hand in the care for Anemie and that he has motives for Justin.

What I enjoyed the most about this book was that it was told in a masculine voice. Although Justin is supposed to be 15, I found that his voice was that of someone much older. I would say 18 or 19.
I actually found Justin to be a little grating on the nerves with his constant paranoia. While I understand that the Anemie’s fear the Vie and Justin has a reason to hate Alex, it was just grating how paranoid he was.

Now Alex is the fascinating character. For someone who has everything they could wish for, he develops a guilty conscience. However, what ever his motives are, they remain pretty much unknown. Especially involving Justin’s sister, Sammie.
Sammie remains something that Alex can hold over Justin, so it does make Alex a little iffy.

Sara, Alex’s human slave, became a love interest for Justin. She seemed to be a background character more, at least until the end of the novel. She was mostly just the pretty slave girl. Her personality didn’t really develop until later on. A lot of that was probably because the Vie have the ability to trance their slaves, so that took away their free will to be themselves.

My only wish is that there had been more focus on the scenery. The world building, involving the Vie and the Anemies had been great, but the scenery didn’t really match it. Of course they were building this biodome over the city to block out UV lights, but the city itself wasn’t really described. It would have been nice to see the city itself as well.

However, it will be interesting to see where Justin, Sara and Alex go from here.


Amazon CAN | Amazon US | Chapters | Barnes & Noble | Alibris | Indie Bound


Laura Diamond is a board certified psychiatrist currently specializing in emergency psychiatry. She is also an author of all things young adult—both contemporary and paranormal. An avid fan of sci-fi, fantasy, and anything magical, she thrives on quirk, her lucid dreams, and coffee. When she’s not working or writing, she can be found sniffing books and drinking a latte at the bookstore or at home pondering renovations on her 225 year old fixer upper, all while obeying her feline overlords, of course.

Connect with Laura

Website | Good Reads | Twitter | Facebook

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The Tower Book Blitz

Young Adult
Publisher: Nicole Campbell Books
Publication Date: June 21, 2017
Pages: 345
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“Yes.  The Solstice.  You know, where we all get naked and dance under the moonlight to become one with nature.  Until the sun comes up and we begin to sparkle.  Obviously, sparkling is really dangerous.”  – Rowyn Black

About the Book

“On our sixteenth birthdays, our kind is gifted with awesome powers. Except no, not really because this isn’t Narnia, or Hogwarts, or whatever other mythical realm where witches supposedly live. This is Elizabethtown, Illinois, and much to the chagrin of the local chapter of Susie-Homemakers, we live here.”

All witches understand that the universe is a scary sort of powerful on a good day. On a bad day? Well, that’s when The Tower card shows its face during a reading. As summer draws to a close before the beginning of junior year, Rowyn Black is tired of seeing that card stare up at her from the table. Rowyn, Reed, and Rosalyn have made it through just about every dramatic storm their sarcasm could weather during their seventeen year friendship, and it would be nice to have a quiet semester. Rowyn hopes that the only thing The Tower foretells is the frightening sight of the school parking lot come the first day- full of more jacked-up trucks and cut off shorts than a Luke Bryan video. True to its nature, however, the universe doesn’t care much for hopes and wishes, and when the promise of The Tower comes crashing down, they might fall right along with it.

Where to Buy

Amazon | iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo

Book Trailer

“It seemed wrong that so much peace could exist in a world with so much hurt.  But there it was anyway, existing like it owned the place.” – Reed Hansen

About the Author

 Nicole Campbell is an English teacher turned author, mother to a beautiful three year old boy, and wife to a self-proclaimed techie. Teenage life consisted of a host of adventures for her, many of which serve as inspiration for her writing.




Connect with Nicole

Website | Good Reads | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


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The Dragon Orb Blog Tour

Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Mike Shelton
Publication Date: March 1, 2017
Pages: 326
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About the Book

The fate of a kingdom rests on the shoulders of three young wizards who couldn’t be more different.

Bakari is a brilliant scholar wizard who’s more at home in a library than a battlefield. Alli is a beautiful young battle wizard whose grace in battle is both enchanting and deadly. Roland is a counselor wizard with a seemingly limitless depth of untapped power — and the ego to match it.

As the magical barrier protecting the kingdom of Alaris from dangerous outsiders begins to fail, and a fomenting rebellion threatens to divide the country in a civil war, the three wizards are thrust into the middle of a power struggle.

When the barrier comes down, the truth comes out. Was everything they were taught about their kingdom based on a lie? Will they all choose to fight on the same side, or end up enemies in the battle over who should rule Alaris?

Where to Buy


The Alaris Chronicles Praise:

The first book of the Alaris Chronicles series brings a refreshing take on magic and politics in fantasy. The world feels very much alive as the wizards take on their new challenges, struggling with their personal demons as much as those of the land they are expected to protect. For people wanting a fantasy kingdom-based read that is more sorcery than swords with a depth of intrigue that goes well beyond blood and debauchery, The Dragon Orb is a solid new entry in the genre.” -Self-Publishing Review

The Dragon Orb is full of magic and adventure, and a way for younger readers to get a peek into the world of politics. The book is a strange combination of a Dungeons and Dragons adventure with Game of Thrones, but with kids as the movers and shakers of the story — and with a PG rating. It is a very easy read, a page turner. I love the fact that the protagonists of this story come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and that our leads are not your usual all-white characters. As mentioned before, the world our characters inhabit borrows from already established fantasy folklore; from Lord of the Rings to the Wheel of Time series. The biggest innovation on these series by Mr. Shelton is the inclusion of how politics work (hence the Game of Thrones reference), but accessible for a younger audience.” –  Erika Grediaga for Readers’ Favorite

Dragon Rider is packed with action, adventure and a well-thought fantasy world. In a sort of collage of a wide variety of fantasy literature, from Lord of the Rings to The Wheel of Time, Mike Shelton goes into the ugliness of power and politics in a very interesting way, creating this type of introductory and age-appropriate version of Game of Thrones for kids. I think any tween or teen, from age ten on, would love to immerse themselves in this world of treason and power, where children are the ones who hold everyone in check.” – Readers’ Favorite

Best Seller Lists:
#1 Teen& Young Adult> Fairy Tales &Folklore > Anthologies
#1 Children’s eBooks > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales &Myths > Arthurian
#1 Teen & YoungAdult > ScienceFiction& Fantasy > Fantasy > Myths &Legends > Arthurian
#1 Children’s eBooks > Science Fiction, Fantasy &Scary Stories > Fantasy & Magic > Sword & Sorcery
#1 Children’s eBooks > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales &Myths > Dragons
Top 10
Teen &YoungAdult > Science Fiction&Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
Teen &YoungAdult > Science Fiction& Fantasy > Fantasy > Wizards& Witches
Teen &YoungAdult > Science Fiction&Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
Teen &YoungAdult > Science Fiction&Fantasy > Fantasy > Myths & Legends
Children’s eBooks > Action & Adventure > Fantasy & Magic
About the Author

Mike was born in California and has lived in multiple states from the west coast to the east coast. He cannot remember a time when he wasn’t reading a book. At school, home, on vacation, at work at lunch time, and yes even a few pages in the car (at times when he just couldn’t put that great book down). Though he has read all sorts of genres he has always been drawn to fantasy. It is his way of escaping to a simpler time filled with magic, wonders and heroics of young men and women.

Other than reading, Mike has always enjoyed the outdoors. From the beaches in Southern California to the warm waters of North Carolina. From the waterfalls in the Northwest to the Rocky Mountains in Utah. Mike has appreciated the beauty that God provides for us. He also enjoys hiking, discovering nature, playing a little basketball or volleyball, and most recently disc golf. He has a lovely wife who has always supported him, and three beautiful children who have been the center of his life.

Mike began writing stories in elementary school and moved on to larger novels in his early adult years. He has worked in corporate finance for most of his career. That, along with spending time with his wonderful family and obligations at church has made it difficult to find the time to truly dedicate to writing. In the last few years as his children have become older he has returned to doing what he truly enjoys – writing!

Connect with Mike

Website | Good Reads | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon | Instagram


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Dragon Songs Saga Book Tour & Giveaway


Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Three Moons Press
Publication Date: May 3, 2017
Pages: 74
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Only an orphan half-elf spy can avert a rebellion before it starts.

Jie’s superior senses have made her the perfect lookout. Now, as the adopted daughter of the Black Lotus Clanmaster, she wants to prove her pointed ears aren’t a liability when she’s tasked to infiltrate a rebel lord’s castle.

In this prequel to Songs of Insurrection, Jie must decide between her duty to the emperor and her sense of compassion toward the downtrodden. No matter her choice, it will have explosive consequences for her, the realm, and the upcoming war.

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Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Three Moons Press
Publication Date: March 2, 2016
Pages: 488
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Only the lost magic of Dragon Songs can save the realm. Only a naïve girl with the perfect voice can rediscover it.

Blessed with an unrivaled voice, Kaiya dreams of a time when music could summon typhoons and rout armies. Maybe then, the imperial court would see the awkward, gangly princess as more than a singing fool.

When members of the emperor’s elite spy clan uncover a brewing insurrection, the court hopes to appease the ringleader by offering Kaiya as a bride.

Obediently wedding the depraved rebel lord means giving up her music. Confronting him with the growing power of her voice could kill her.

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Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Three Moons Press
Publication Date: June 3, 2016
Pages: 584
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The mightiest dragon threatens the world, and only the power of a Dragon Song can vanquish him.

Two years have passed since Kaiya rediscovered the lost magic of Dragon Songs, yet the power of her voice is untrained. Potential suitors see her as a stepping stone. One ruthless cousin would rather step on her gravestone.

Not one to get walked over or buried, Kaiya is holding out for the exiled foreign prince who inspired her to sing. The only one who appreciates her abilities more is the world’s last dragon, Avarax, and it’s not because he enjoys a good song.

Raw and unproven, she finds mentors in unlikely places. An elf courtier. An ancient healer. A martial arts master. And an evil sorcerer. She’ll need their guidance to survive the final showdown between a girl finding her voice, and a dragon who has no intention of being fooled a second time.

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Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Three Moons Press
Publication Date: August 30, 2016
Pages: 716
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An invincible empire threatens to invade Cathay, and only a Dragon Song can ensure peace.

After vanquishing the Last Dragon with the power of her voice, all Kaiya wants is a quiet life of anonymity. Instead, the Emperor sends her to negotiate peace with the aggressive Teleri Empire.

The critical mission reunites her with her childhood friend Tian, now an assassin-spy who loathes killing. He is no longer the adorable, gullible boy from her memories, any more than she is the adventurous, sweet girl from his. Instead of rekindling nostalgia for a youthful innocence they both yearn for, their reunion ignites a mutual hatred.

When the Teleri Empire breaks off talks, Tian must help Kaiya escape. Orcs, Ogres, and enemy soldiers stand between them and home, and their volatile relationship could get them captured… or killed.

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Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: Three Moons Press
Publication Date: December 7, 2016
Pages: 661
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Kaiya escapes her ordeal at the hands of the Teleri Emperor, only to return to a homeland beset by enemies on all sides, and crumbling from within.

As a teenager, she quelled a rebellion with the Dragon Scale Lute. As a young adult, she vanquished a dragon with the power of her voice.

Now, robbed of her magic by grief, Kaiya must navigate a web of court intrigue to save the realm before it falls. Only she can lay claim to the Dragon Throne on behalf of her unborn sons—whether the father is the lover who perished rescuing her, or the hated enemy who killed him.

In the final story in Kaiya’s saga, she must rally a nation, repel invaders, and prove to the world why her family alone holds the Mandate of Heaven.

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JC Kang’s unhealthy obsession with Fantasy and Sci-Fi began at an early age when his brother introduced him to The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, Star Trek and Star Wars. As an adult, he combines his geek roots with his professional experiences as a Chinese Medicine doctor, martial arts instructor and technical writer to pen epic fantasy stories.



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Featured Author · Spotlight Interview

Featured Author: Brett Arquette

Wednesday Spotlight

Thriller, Military, Young Adult
Publication Date: November 15, 2016
Pages:  354
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About the Book

Marshall Hail was a husband, a father, a Physics Nobel prize winner and industrial billionaire. But when Hail’s family was killed in a terrorist attack, he became a predator and redirected his vast industrial assets toward one goal, removing every person on the FBI’s Top 10 Terrorist list. With the help of his MIT colleagues, Hail designed and built a devastating arsenal of attack drones of all shapes and sizes that are flown by the nation’s best young gamers. The world will come to realize that Marshall Hail possesses the capability of getting to anyone, anywhere, at any time, unleashing an operation so disturbing that the CIA has named it Operation Hail Storm.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

The middle child of five, I was born in 1960 and anointed with my mother’s pen name “Duncan”, given to me by award-winning author Lois Duncan. During her career, my mother Lois wrote 48 best-selling young adult books, some of which have been made into movies, including the movie “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Hotel for Dogs”. I was raised in New Mexico and moved to Florida on my 30th birthday. Writing on the weekends, my first book, “Deadly Perversions”, was published in 2002. My additional titles are “Seeing Red”, “Tweaked”, “The Pandemic Diary” and “Soundman for a B-Band”. My newest book is an adventure into Young Adult writing with a series of “HAIL” books with the first one called “Operation Hail Storm. I currently reside in the Sunshine State with my wife and three children.

What inspired you to write?

My Mother inspired me to write. She cranked out 48 books during her lifetime and was still able to run a family with five children. I really had no business writing, since I had no background novel writing in High School or College. But after I wrote my first book, I came to the realization that I could do it and I was hooked.

Has having a famous best-selling author as a Mother opened doors for you in your writing career.

Yes and no. By dropping her name, I can every once in a great while get a book read by an agent that would have never bothered without my family pedigree. However, past that, every book will live or die on its own merits. And the publishing business has change 180 degrees since my Mother published her first book. I am writing a multipart blog on my website about just that subject.

What inspired your novel?

I had written many novels with adult themes, but had never written a book that was written for teens. My Mother had made a career writing almost exclusively for teens, so I knew there was an audience out there. One day, my son came home from middle school and told me that his teacher was reading his class “Rainbow Six”, a classic special ops book by Tom Clancy. Unfortunately, they had to stop reading the book due to too many profanities in the novel. At the time, I was really enjoying reading special ops books, such as “The Gray Man” series by Mark Greaney. I couldn’t recall anyone writing special ops books for young adults that could be read in the classroom that had no profanity and G rated violence. Six months later, wa-la, OPERATION HAIL STORM received the last typed words “The End”.

What is the genre?

The genre would be classified as a Thriller, but it has a military feel to it. Since it was written for teens, I also wanted to add some educational information. So there is the potential for math, social studies, geography and science workbooks that could accompany the CLASSROOM edition.

What draws you to this genre?

I love reading fast paced books. You know, lots of action and if you skip a dozen pages, you probably missed something important. Thrillers should thrill throughout the book; not just at the beginning or the end. And I think I accomplished that with OPERATION HAIL STORM. I also feel when I’m writing for teens, I am going up against video games and video and movies and music, all competing for their attention. So I’ve got to keep the story moving, creating action in scenes where you would not expect action elements.

How did you develop your plot and your characters?

During the past few years I’ve been reading the magazine called the MIT Review. There is some crazy complicated science that is being discussed in that publication, and one of those topics was about a new design of a nuclear reactor called the traveling wave reactor. This is the type of technology that is a real game changer for our planet, because these safe reactors burn depleted uranium. The United States alone has enough depleted uranium stockpiled to supply all the energy for our entire planet for the next 10,000 years. Bill Gates currently sits on the board of TerraPower who is prototyping the reactor, so this is real science. Based on that information, I created my main character, Marshall Hail as the person who takes that technology to the next level and brings the traveling wave reactor to market. This makes him a billionaire. But what is a billionaire if he loses his family in a terrorist attack? What does money matter at that point? What matters to Marshall Hail is retribution. Hail is a flawed character and he recognizes his flaws and hates himself for them, but he is still set on using all his resources to bring terrorists to justice. The Marshall Hail form of justice.

What inspired your protagonist?

Marshall Hail lost his family in a future terrorist attack that is called THE FIVE. Five shoulder launched missiles took out five commercial aircraft in five difference countries from five different terrorist groups all within five minutes of each other. Hail was immersed in grief and could no longer go on with business as usual. So he made some significant modifications to his fleet of cargo ships, making each of them command and control centers in which to launch drone strikes anywhere in the world.

What inspired your antagonist?

There are a few difference flavors of antagonists in the novel and each of them has an agenda. There is a beautiful CIA operative Kara Ramey that is assigned to work with Marshall Hail to track down terrorist, but she has her own reasons for doing what she does. Then there is a major arms dealer who was responsible for suppling the missiles to the terrorist groups who shot down the airplanes in THE FIVE. Needless to say, his agenda is markedly different.

What was the hardest part to write in the book?

As I mentioned, I like books with action and I enjoy writing the action elements, but there is always a need to humanize your characters so they have substance and the reader cares about them. Writing the personal parts of each character, how they feel, their background, what makes them tick, those sorts of segments are always hard for me to write because I have to completely change gears. And it is very easy to get carried away with emotional elements and lose the pace of the book.

What was your favorite part of your book to write?

I like writing the technical segments – how the drones fly, how they are designed and assembled. I like writing the dialogue between the engineers and designers and the pilots who will fly the contraptions. Words just seem to flow when I get into that frame of mind.

Are you a full time or a part time writer? If part time, what do you do besides write?

Sadly, right now part time. I spent most of my career working as the Chief Technology Officer for one of the largest Circuit Court Systems in Florida. In 2002, Computerworld Magazine selected me as one of the “Premier 100 IT Leaders” in the world, describing me as a “visionary” in reference to the cutting-edge technology. My books are peppered with technology acquired from vast experience in advanced computers and audio/video systems. I was also the Editor in Chief of the Court Technology Forum, Contributing Editor for eWeek Magazine, columnist for ComputerWorld and SmartComputing magazines, all of which has helped to create a loyal fan base and lots of traffic on my website. Like most parents, I spend most of my free time with my faimly doing fun stuff.

What are you currently reading?

I am reading some Dean Koontz, love Jack Reacher novels, love the Gray Man series and the John Rain series, and have started reading all of my mother’s books, just to see what I can learn from them.

Who would you say are your favorite authors?

Mark Greaney, Steven King, Robert Crais, Barry Eisler, Dean Koontz, Vince Flynn

How about your favorite books? What would be your top 5?

Any books from my favorite authors.

What are your future projects, if any?

I already have the next three Hail books in the series plotted in my brain. The next one will be called OPERATION HAIL WARNING. And hold on to your seats, because this book is going to BRING IT!

What is your preferred method for readers to get in touch with you and your books?

They are welcome to email me a I will also be doing the free Kindle Download off of Amazon for a week as soon as the book posts. Please check my website for the exact dates at

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Yes, when you are writing books, try to put as much description as you can into dialogue. That may mean even adding some sort of confidante character who the lead characters can discuss plot elements. Always be thinking, if this was optioned as a movie, how would the screenplay be written. In some cases, such as the Gray Man series I mentioned, the Gray Man is a loner and barely ever talks to anyone. That creates a big problem when it comes to writing the screenplay. You would be almost starting from scratch.